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AirPods Pro 2 with lossless support could be the biggest audio upgrade in 2022



Apple AirPods Pro 2 Earphones may introduce support for Apple Music lossless formatThis means that it will be significantly upgraded if wireless audio fidelity is achieved.

The predictions are from prolific and trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes that the second-generation AirPods Pro model will support Apple’s current Apple Lossless Audio Codec. The best wireless earphones I can’t handle it.

This is because the connection still relies on Bluetooth. This means that you can only stream standard AAC formats to your AirPods. AirPods Pro When AirPods Max (However, Max cans can be processed with a wired connection). If Apple plans to change this, it means that an alternative Bluetooth solution may be underway.

This is probably the solution Apple suggested last week, In an interview with What Hi-Fi.. Gary Geaves, VP of Acoustics, said Apple wants more bandwidth than Google can currently offer.

“Obviously, wireless technology is important for the content delivery you’re talking about,” Geaves told What Hi-Fi. Changing or resting your head and sound can make you feel very sick, so you need to focus very much on squeezing out as much as you can from Bluetooth technology. There are also some tricks you can play to maximize it. Avoid some of the limitations of Bluetooth. But it’s no exaggeration to say that we need more bandwidth … stop there. More bandwidth is needed. ”

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Apple may have a new custom connection technology for AirPods Pro 2, Qualcomm’s new aptX Lossless format To avoid Bluetooth restrictions.

Elsewhere in a note to investors MacRumors, Kuo predicts a new wireless charging case feature that can be triggered to play a sound, perhaps via the Find My app, if the owner can’t find the sound.

We look forward to a new version of AirPods Pro in 2022. It’s been more than two years since Apple launched the first 10 AirPods Pros, so it’s certainly a delay. Perhaps Apple has postponed for several reasons: first, these things sell like pancakes, and second, there may be a major enhancement that Apple is baking in their Cupertino labs. Hmm.

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