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6 Ways To Get Shopify Support For Your Shopify Store


Shopify provides a guide for each theme. They are presented in the center for clients. Here clients can get answers to their questions. You can also use the Shopify assistant by Makebecool if needed.

There is a search box at the top, followed by topics that lead to a series of support guides. You just need to click on what you are looking for. If you click on the map “E-store”, you can find all the information regarding the topic.

6 Ways To Get Shopify Support For Your Shopify Store

Consulting support can be obtained via chat, e-mail or request a call back

At Shopify Customer Service, you can contact the supervisor directly. Here you can get help by phone or directly via chat.

If you have any difficulties with your Shopify store, you can always get help from qualified specialists. You can get advice from the support service by phone. To find a phone number, you need to follow these steps:

  • log in with your credentials;
  • choose the store for which you want to get help;
  • enter a request in the field and click on “Search”, where all offers will be presented;
  • study the proposals that have appeared to find a solution or directly contact the support team through the “Get support” button;
  • all possible options will be displayed to contact technical support.

Support Chat

If you like this option more than others, you can use it in real time. To start the dialogue, fill in the information fields, specifying the name, email, URL of the store. Then write a message so that the employee can understand what problem needs to be solved. Now you can send details by clicking the “Chat with us” button. This will open a dialog box. After the end of the conversation, an email will be sent with the ticket ID and the full conversation. If you have not received a solution to the problem, you can continue using the ticket ID.

Electronic support

You can get help by email by sending an appropriate letter. To do this, you need to fill in the data that will be required for the conversation by email, the attachment is optional. Then click “Send”, you will receive a letter that confirms the request to the support service and the request number. A confirmation message also appears on the screen.

6 Ways To Get Shopify Support For Your Shopify Store

Phone call

To get help over the phone, you need to request a callback as there is no number posted on the official site. This can be done in the support channel by selecting the “Phone” option. When you click on “Request a call back”, you need to provide contact information: email, URL of shop or phone number.

After sending the request, you’ll be called back from the call center within the specified time.


In Community, you can communicate with other sellers, tech support staff, developers. In the search box, you need to specify request or go through existing topics by category.

If you did not find an answer to request in the discussions, you can ask to members of the fellowship. To get started with a request for help, you need to do the following:

  • log in with your credentials;
  • choose a category of discussion based on your request, also request reviews about your shop;
  • tap on “Ask a question”;
  • add a topic to the question, explain the problem or what you want to find, you can use formatting tools$
  • add labels to the message, depending on the topic;
  • when finished with the body, or preview the message using the “Preview” link, if everything is as you need, tap “Publish”.

After posting a question, you can no longer delete the message, so you need to carefully check its content before starting.

If you have any questions, please contact the Shopify support center Make be Cool. You will be provided with professional assistance.