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Women and Online Casinos


Gambling is traditionally a man’s game, but more and more women are entering the man’s world to gamble. Some people still assume gambling to be a male hobby, but the number of female gamblers is already growing! In reality, women and men are attracted to gaming for the same reasons: for money, fun, and the great opportunity to win.

The dominance of male players in the online casino is quite obvious, but women are shaping the market at a remarkable pace.

Campaigns for Women Playing Online Casino

Online casinos have continuously emerged with campaigns and classifieds to entice the women community in particular. These campaigns play a crucial role in attracting women to online casino video games. One such marketing campaign that featured the famous Paris Hilton turned into an exquisite boost as it led to a huge overnight growth of female players.

A female player from London shocked everyone as she beat the percentage of 625 million to one and hit the jackpot on the Star Lanterns slot. The jackpot was worth $2.2 million. The win proved to be a pretty motivation for the female players and showed that you could make money in the game while also having fun.

What Online Casino Games Do Women Prefer?

Quite a few online casino websites are completely geared towards female gambling. These online casino websites essentially include bingo-based games. These websites are usually based solely on stereotypical themes that are meant to appeal to women. They have a lot of red and frills on their site.

Casino brands now understand that women don’t need girly themes to be attracted to gaming. They are looking for a place to have fun with gaming. Women usually choose gambling-based video games, including online slots and bingo. Men, on the other hand, indulge in games with skills such as poker or table video games. Twenty-one percent of energetic online casino gamblers are men. Women make up 14%. Men tend to be particularly focused on the outcome of the game, while women just love to go with the flow.

Do Men and Women Gamble Differently?

Men and women play online casino games not in the same way. These are some important features:


  • Are more likely to play than women
  • Start playing very early
  • Gamble more often than girls
  • Place large stakes
  • Are more competitive and play to win
  • Enjoy the games along with blackjack and poker


  • Are likely to gamble less than men
  • Start gambling in their mid-20s
  • Play much less often than men
  • Place smaller bets than men
  • Are less competitive and play to have fun
  • Enjoy video games including bingo and slots

Summing up

In conclusion, although there are exceptions to every rule, the above observations seem to apply for the most part.

Anyway, there are already many women in gambling. Who knows, maybe this tendency also will be remarkable in the betting industry – just look at the site bet NZ. Why do many women avoid betting? So, there are still some entertainment spheres that are liked by men much more than women.