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Top USA Mobile App Developers Companies


The USA is a vibrant and dynamic market, which has been estimated to reach an annual economic growth rate of more than ten per cent. But, in the last few years, there’s not any smartphone business that has changed its growth rate in the USA with regards to the industry, especially the mobile app development industry. As such, thousands of online services have dominated this industry, and it remains unrivalled for the number of digital enterprises (E-shares).

Top Mobile App Development Companies In The United States

Today, one of the most widely used internet apps in the world is Facebook. Although the initial results were encouraging for this social media platform, now FB is experiencing issues in terms of user engagement, and the company seems to be losing popularity among its users. This is mainly due to several reasons, such as decreasing revenues and high operating expenses. It is important to analyze all the factors that lead to this issue, which can contribute to the success of Facebook.

As we know, social media platforms are very essential for everyone, so it’s also best if you can take help from these professionals and make your application in front of millions of people. According to Statista, the global market for mobile app development is expected to evolve at a CAGR of approximately 1.3% over the next few years. Now, let us discuss what is the list of best mobile application development companies in USA. Let’s take help from different aspects of the following companies and analyze them thoroughly.

1) Snap Inc.

Snap Inc., based in San Francisco, California, is famous as a leading software developer, web design, video games, and other Internet applications company. Also, they provide many popular social media and messaging apps for Android and iOS devices such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc. So, Snap Inc. was ranked third on USA best Mobile App Development Companies list, with revenues of $4.9 billion. This means Snap Inc. is in first place among the US Mobile App Development companies, making their status higher in the ranking. Snap Inc. offers a wide variety of apps for personal use, businesses, and gaming industries. Apart from the Snap app, Snap provides various other app developers like AdMob, Shopify, etc. Snap’s app development team works hard along with experienced app developers, which offers them an opportunity to excel and increase revenue. Snap Inc. helps both startups and established organizations develop cutting edge mobile apps. And Snap Inc. will always keep developing innovative features that satisfy their clients. By using Snap Inc. service, both startups and big brands will easily achieve significant improvements in their product quality.

2) Techstars

Techstars International is a leading certification program for technology professionals worldwide. If you are looking for professional assistance with building your mobile apps, then don’t miss out on Techstars Global Conference 2020 or Techstars Demo Day 2020. It is an event where nearly 2,000 tech professionals from around 50 countries gather together in Austin Texas during February. The conference is renowned for its impressive talent roster, extensive networking opportunities and amazing resources to help aspiring participants build successful mobile apps. Techstars 2019 took place recently, and the event saw attendees from across the globe come together to experience the latest trends and technologies shaping the upcoming year. With 4,500+ experts in over 60 sessions, it is sure that Techstars has what it takes to deliver you an excellent learning experience. The main track “Mobile Application Development” offers you a vast array of courses that cover everything you need to get started in creating great applications. Most prominent topics like AI & Machine Learning, Designing UX, BigData analytics, Web & UX design, Mobile app development, Voice recognition, Video chat and much more are covered in this conference, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to learn new things and find their paths in this competitive sector. Attendees also enjoy presentations from some of the biggest names in technology such as Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Intel’s Ashraf Jafari, PayPal’s Tony Jimenez, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, eBay’s Mike Lindell and other others.

3) Apis

Apis provides complete development solutions to create and launch apps on Android and iOS devices. They have offices in 15 cities across the USA and Canada and offer developers across different verticals including enterprise, fintech and healthcare. Being a highly profitable and fast-growing startup, Apis has announced $1 billion in Series B funding in 2016 which has led to increased investment. While Snap Inc. is known for its premium mobile app development, Apis focuses on robust Android/iOS development services as well. This has helped them maintain their position on USA top Mobile App Developers companies list, with their revenues more than double in the past few years. Apis believes in providing only the finest technologies and they use open-source software, which makes their work much easy. APIS allows mobile teams to create apps by combining different open source libraries. Open-source software helps Apis to make apps flexible for its customers, while other open-source and proprietary projects help make apps more powerful and reliable.

4) Greenhouse

Greenhouses Corporation delivers mobile apps and cloud computing software solutions through consulting, managed and technical services. Their strength lies in helping both small and large enterprises, as well as private individuals, develop mobile apps and platforms using modern technologies and concepts. Many large companies across the globe choose Greenhouses because the company is uniquely positioned to support clients and enable them to improve their customer experiences. Greenhouses offer a full range of integrated software and services to meet diverse customer needs. Besides desktop and mobile, the company focuses on helping companies build websites, e-commerce sites and data centres. All of these projects allow them to expand globally. Moreover, Greenhouses is constantly improving and adding new offerings to their services. Even though Greenhouses has received numerous awards, including being named as one of the 25 Fastest Growing Worldwide Firms by Forbes, they continue to invest heavily in R&D activities by taking part in major hackathons, events and conferences like Hacktoberfest, MOOCs and Summit on Platforms, each held in different regions. These activities have resulted in a strong community at Greenhouses, thus proving to be a key factor for their continued growth.

5) Blue Prism

Blue Prism is an IT company with headquarters in San Francisco. Established in 2017, they are currently providing an array of hybrid systems and tools for enterprise companies, developers, entrepreneurs and end clients. Especially since 2018, the company has adopted a multi-cloud model, and their core products are focusing on hybrid and fully connected infrastructure development. For enterprise customers, Blue Prism offers API management, DevOps capabilities and integration between SaaS and IaaS. Some of its key services include Agile Development, Continuous Integration, Cloud Native development, Smart Data Infrastructure, Salesforce and others. There are multiple options available to customers depending on their needs, which includes custom development, enterprise solutions and advanced integration. Blue Prism’s existing services portfolio covers more than 200 verticals ranging from education and health, energy and utilities, government and defence, transportation, manufacturing, retail, communications, consumer goods, construction, real estate, insurance and more.

While Snap Inc. is recognized as a pioneer and leader in offering customized solutions to different verticals, Blue Prism has become a trusted partner to hundreds of clients across North America. Along with the above-mentioned services, Blue Prism offers a set of mobile app development services covering almost every industry, from simple website development to complex enterprise projects. Not forgetting about the fact that they are leading providers of security services focused on protecting your data, privacy and more. Hence, Blue Prism is considered the best option in this area.

6) Zend

Zend is an open-source app development company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded by serial entrepreneurs and engineers Frank Chen, Joe Vitruen, Matt Robertson and Andy Chu, the firm has built an impressive reputation in bringing disruptive ideas to the marketplace that has enabled it to thrive. Their focus is primarily on creating web applications that solve critical problems faced by users in industries like entertainment, retail, marketing and others. The company has also launched a series of mobile software applications in 2018, and they have plans to release even more exciting ones in 2021. Currently, Zend has a robust team of engineers and designers who bring innovation and functionality to mobile apps. Additionally, there are several other employees who specialized in specific functional areas, such as testing and UI design. Each group of employees share skills in different domains of the project that are crucial for overall success. To prove how effective the company is in delivering software solutions to customers, Zend’s success stories can be viewed here. Overall, Zend offers a range of software development services and a number of application and game development options. Among these services, we have listed below mentioned three in particular.