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Top 3 Programs for 3D Visualization


3D visualization can be used to present an idea, object, phenomenon, or space in a stylized or realistic visual form. The primary applications of 3D design are marketing and advertising, interior design, architecture, fashion, cinema, and industry. Often these techniques help in the creation of first-class websites. You can even find similar techniques in the design of 22Bet and other popular platforms.


SketchUp is a simple program for quickly modeling, creating, and editing 3D graphics. An ordinary notebook computer will do well with SketchUp.

It has a user-friendly and simple interface so that beginners can easily learn it on their own without wasting time on video tutorials.

To create primitive shapes – parallelepiped, cone, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, and others – the software has a small basic set of tools. This line and simple geometric shapes, from which you can get three-dimensional objects, moving the vertices and edges or using the principle of “pull-push”.

SketchUp has a built-in 3D Warehouse library that can be used to load ready made objects like plants, cars, furniture and more.

At first, you might think that SketchUp is only for easy tasks. But that’s not true: the software includes plug-ins for model optimization, model parameterization, working with shaping, styles, camera, and textures.

The free online version of SketchUp has a basic set of features and allows you to get acquainted with the program. You can use the 3D Warehouse library, import and export files, and view models from mobile devices.

The paid version involves the installation of software. For personal and professional use, rates start at $119 per year. There are special terms for educational institutions.


When sketches and graphics aren’t enough anymore, it’s time to switch to Lumion. It’s intuitive software that can be used to create visualizations without any prior preparation.

The program works in conjunction with programs such as Revit, SketchUp, 3ds Max in real time (LiveSync).

Lumion is the best solution for those who do not have time to study complex 3D programs, but want to get a colorful picture.

The program has a large set of tools for creating static images, video and panoramas, built-in HDRI sky maps, presets, rain, fog effects and much more.

Lumion has an interesting future. More and more companies are starting to use this program because they don’t need to train their employees in complex software, and each update brings more quality and features.

Companies can try Lumion for free for 14 days, and you can ask to extend the test version. Free educational licenses are available for universities.

3ds Max

Once you’ve mastered Lumion to perfection, you can grow to work with 3ds Max, one of the most popular 3D modeling and visualization software.

The software has a wide range of features, it’s versatile, compatible with a variety of plug-ins and equipped with an infinite number of model libraries. It’s one of the oldest 3D editors – many experienced visualization practitioners began studying the 3D world with it and prefer to use it exclusively.

The software has an extensive interface. With a large number of modifiers of primitives and geometric shapes can create high-quality 3D models. A huge number of different tools allow you to achieve a realistic visualization, which won’t be easy to distinguish from the photo.

The program is complex and requires a lot of time to learn. And in different areas of different tools and settings are used, so that the study of 3ds Max can be a lifetime. You cannot do it in a couple of months for sure, maybe even a year won’t be enough.

You can try out 3ds Max for free for 30 days. For students and teachers, there is a free version, though, with functional limitations and a watermark.