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How to Design and Print Nice Looking Stickers?


A lot more goes into the design process than meets the eye if you’re considering creating your own sticker to promote your brand. Stickers may be a powerful marketing tool for any company, provided they are utilized correctly and designed effectively. If you want to use your sticker for marketing or promotional reasons, you need to consider several important considerations. At KiasuPrint, we’ve made stickers for hundreds of satisfied customers, and our designers are well during the art of sticker creation. Don’t worry; we’re here to walk you through the procedure step by step. To help you develop the ideal sticker, we spoke to them and put together the following guidance.

Decide on your ideal sticker type and size

Determine the size and form of your sticker before you begin thinking about any other aspects of your design. This is mostly determined by the sticker’s intended purpose. Because they don’t need any extra die-cutting or a specific shape, these stickers are frequently the cheapest to make.

The design of this sticker, like the previous one, is based on a basic square form. In this case, a square or rectangular design may be transformed into a stunning piece of art with only a little bit of creative thinking.

While technically, your sticker will still be a square or rectangle, the transparent portion of the sticker will allow you to create a completely unique design. It’s possible to print them in reverse if you want to apply them to clear surfaces like windows or mirrors. It’s crucial to understand that you’re not restricted to sticker designs with a diameter of just a few centimeters. Stickers up to a few feet in length and width may be printed by most contemporary printing firms nowadays.

Make It Vibrant and Eye-Catching

What matters most is that your sticker stands out and draws attention, regardless of where you want to place it. This is nearly always the case when making a promotional sticker for marketing objectives, regardless of the sticker’s format. Stickers are difficult since they are often seen from great distances. If your sticker is placed on a laptop cover, vehicle bumper, lamp post, or any other possible location, your intended audience is anywhere from a few feet to several hundred meters away.

Make use of large typography

Your choice of typeface is a critical consideration in the design of your sticker. If you wish to transmit a message with your sticker, you need to make sure that the target audience can read the message. With flyers or leaflets, it would be completely okay to add paragraphs of text printed in a tiny font, but this would be a huge error with stickers.

You must select a font that is both strong and clear to be read from a distance. aboveThe typography is strong and easily read. The text’s impact and readability have been further enhanced by using just capital letters and big font size (thus increasing readability from a distance). Contrasting colors may also be used to make your sticker writing stand out even more.

The text should be used sparingly

A sticker’s purpose is not to tell the audience your life story or provide them with information on every single thing you sell, but rather to draw attention to your brand and raise awareness of your company. In the world of sticker design, you will note that the usage of text is limited. In reality, many sticker designs don’t include any kind of writing whatsoever.

Here we see the text on these stickers doing its job of capturing attention for the whole month, as we had hoped it would. This short script’s central question is, “Where do ideas come from? “. Enough to get people’s attention and get them thinking. As a result, it produces a sense of mystery and curiosity about the answer. The impact of just five words is stronger than a whole treatise on the beginnings of notions. With regards to stickers, fewer is better. To guarantee that you receive the results you want when printing your stickers, it’s important to work with a good printing firm that has a lot of experience in this zone.