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Cleaning and washing roofs from moss and other contaminants


Roof cleaning may be required at any time of the year to remove moss, mold or leaves. Regardless of the reasons that caused the need for a cleaning event, it should be trusted exclusively to professionals.

To wash the roof means to increase its service life. Soft roofing is especially prone to destruction under the influence of the root system of organic formations. Therefore, timely cleaning of the roof will make the operation of the building safe, and the service life of the roofing longer. Do not forget that the appearance of the building is significantly transformed after the procedure.

Our company also provides other types of services related to high pressure washer cleaning.

We are cleaning next types of roofing:

– ceramic tiles

– metal tiles

– soft roofing (flexible tiles)

– flat roofs (roofing material)

– slate https://stroirem.net

When performing work at the first stage, moss and mold are treated with chemical compounds. The second stage is to wash the roof and remove organic matter.

The provision of services is carried out in accordance with safety requirements and state standards. Taking into account all the features of the procedure makes it possible to provide high quality services. In our work, we use high technology pressure washing methods.

The company “LiceCleanToday” uses a high-pressure apparatus to perform work, which allows you to remove dirt and foreign objects from the roof surface.

Roof cleaning is a responsible event, therefore, for its implementation, the organization’s specialists use professional household chemicals, which gently and effectively clean any moss and mold.

The company’s specialists have extensive experience in cleaning the roofs of private, multi-apartment buildings, as well as the roofs of industrial and industrial buildings. Regardless of the characteristics of the object, specialists strictly adhere to state standards and safety rules.

You can find out the cost of washing the roof from our managers. The exact cost is determined by the specialist when leaving the facility. It depends on the area and the specific features of the roofing. When contacting us, you can be sure that the price of washing will be affordable and reasonable.