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AVAX Coin Conversion: How Does It Work?


Smart contracts have become an integral part of life in many industries. This concept is identified with Ethereum; now one of the fastest blockchain platforms on the market is Avalanche. Its throughput is 4.5 thousand operations per second. AVAX is the platform’s native currency.

The developers are aimed to create a single global financial market, within which users will make transactions with cryptocurrencies with no obstacles. Avalanche is popular among investors and traders. Read this article if you want to know how to swap your AVAX coins.

AVAX Price History 

The AVAX cryptocurrency got listed on exchanges in September 2020. At that time, its rate was $4.56. At the end of the year, it fell below $3, followed by rapid growth. At the beginning of February 2021, AVAX reached $55 but dropped to $10 by summer. In November, it was close to $135. As of this writing, the coin’s price is $108. 

AVAX Exchange on Godex.io 

Nowadays, we are witnessing a rapidly developing infrastructure in the cryptocurrency world. There are many options to swap digital coins: centralized exchanges (CEX), P2P, decentralized exchanges (DEX), etc.

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. We will not explain all of them in this article but cover the two most common: CEX and DEX. In the first case, users must first register and pass KYC/AML. All transactions on CEX are tracked, and confidentiality is out of the question.

Decentralized platforms like Godex do not demand registration, you just can start the exchange right away. Here are some simple steps to swap coins on Godex:

  • chose a crypto pair, for example, AVAX to LTC
  • enter the amount
  • enter the wallet to receive coins
  • send AVAX and wait for the report

The coins will reflect in the specified wallet in 5-30 minutes. It is as simple and convenient as possible, and what matters the most, anonymous.

How to Convert AVAX

To exchange cryptocurrencies, you will need wallets, a digital asset, and a reliable platform. The exchange should have a convenient calculator and an impeccable reputation on the Internet, providing favorable conditions to its users. Godex.io is one of such services. It has many advantages that make it the market leader:

  • Privacy. The platform does not collect information about users (personal data, IP address, time zone, device type, etc.). Working with Godex, you maintain your anonymity.
  • Safety. The site is protected against Ddos-attacks, so your money is safe.
  • Favorable terms. Godex algorithms analyze the situation in the market in real-time and offer the best rate.
  • A wide range of coins. 300+ digital assets — every user will find a needed crypto pair.
  • Affiliate program. Welcome bonus of 0.005 BTC and the opportunity to earn 0,6% of the referral volume.

How to Compare AVAX with Other Cryptocurrencies?

Let’s compare some crucial features of Avalanche and Ethereum.


Parameter Avalanche Ethereum
Transaction speed 4500/sec 15/sec
Market capitalization $26,294,239,683 $480,621,670,139
Blockchain Avalanche Ethereum
Consensus protocol  Avalanche PoW
Smart contracts yes yes
Token or coin Coin Coin

As you can see, AVAX is steadily gaining momentum, offering faster transaction speed and improved protocol. If you have already accumulated some coins and want to swap them at the right time, AVAX to DGB is a popular trading pair. Monitor Godex’s live charts not to miss out on the opportunity.

To Close Up

Since Avalanche is among the top 10 cryptos, it is available on all popular cryptocurrency exchanges. AVAX trades in pairs with other cryptos, stablecoins, and fiat. However, the easiest and fastest way to exchange it is using Godex, provided anonymity is your priority.