7 Promising Crypto Projects You Should Definitely Follow to in 2022

We guess all modern people are aware of the global phenomenon known as cryptocurrency. Many businessmen and businesswomen give close heed to it because it helps to earn a lot of digital money, called tokens or crypto. It can be earned by investing in certain projects or playing crypto games. Therefore, it is vital to define the best crypto projects.

In case you want to find more facts about the best crypto projects, trends, and funds, visit This reliable platform always creates multiple options for all people who are interested in cryptocurrency. You will find regular updates and data about the best crypto projects. Right now, we will highlight 7 promising crypto projects you should definitely follow in 2022.


The first promising crypto project is known as Nosana. Although it is not launched entirely (beta version), it already shows many benefits that will attract millions of people. Therefore, it’s worth trying it. You may test the beta version to check the odds and even earn some free NOS-tokens. In the meanwhile, we will highlight its main benefits:

  • No restrictions from gatekeepers;
  • The development and use of Metaverse;
  • Support from reliable platforms;
  • Combo of blockchain developers and services;
  • The use of CI/CD and cloud-based solutions;
  • Updated news;
  • High return fees, etc.

SEOR Network

SEOR Network is another interesting and promising crypto project. It Utilizes Oracle to simplify access and use of the platform. Everything will run fast and smoothly. Its major advantages are as follows:

  • Verifiable computation;
  • Boosted scalability;
  • Timeless storage;
  • Not demanding characteristics;
  • Safe use of blockchain;
  • The use of LON technology;
  • Decentralized and customized;
  • Original and usable design;
  • Regular updates about games, crypto, sports, weather, and so on;
  • The use of various blockchain protocols.

Plato Farm

Next comes the game called Plato Farm. It is about developing your farm to make it big, which brings you a lot of tokens. MARK and PLATO are the in-game tokens, which help to develop your farm into the city. You may join or establish guilds for better results. Here are its main benefits:

  • High scalability;
  • No centralized control;
  • Interactive interface;
  • The use of NFT;
  • Quick growth and development;
  • Many chances to earn tokens;
  • Fair entry and return fees.

Fantom Maker

Do not pass by Fantom Maker. It utilizes cross-chain Launchpad technology. This great game offers a great variety of benefits. All gamers will enjoy the next options:

  • Safe usage of blockchain technology;
  • Boosted staking;
  • Anti-whale system;
  • No gatekeepers;
  • Fair and equal conditions for all users;
  • Many possibilities to find partners;
  • Great fees on return and sales.

Kingdom Karnage

Another great project is Kingdom Karnage. If you like to trade and battle, this game will satisfy you to the fullest. Its major dividends are:

  • Full customization according to your preferences;
  • Available for various platforms;
  • A great variety of events to earn tokens;
  • Boosted usability;
  • Simple and fast in action;
  • High fees on return.

Ancient Kingdom

You should also take into account a game known as Ancient Kingdom. This is the ancestor of all martial art games, which are based on blockchain technology. By paying it, you will enjoy the next prerogatives:

  • High chance to establish partnerships;
  • A user-friendly interface;
  • Regular upgrades and updates;
  • Quick progress;
  • Great events to win and get money;
  • No hidden fees.

Engines of Fury

The last crypto project on our list is called Engines of Fury. It is also about battling and earning tokens. If ensures the next benefits:

  • Full decentralization, safety, and customization;
  • Profitable options for investors and gamers;
  • A great variety of various events;
  • A useable interface – fast, smart, and convenient;
  • Advanced chances to win tokens;
  • High and fair fees.

Summing Up

All the crypto projects mentioned in our review are reliable and potentially profitable. Just try each, in turn, to define which one suits your style. Perhaps battling is better than farming and trading. Each project has its peculiarities that help to earn a lot of tokens!


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