Yutu-2 Rover of China investigates “mysterious hut” on the moon

A Chinese Yutu-2 rover, crossing the crater behind the moon, spy on a mysterious cube-like structure while scanning the skyline in November. The unidentified structure appeared to be about 260 feet away from where Rover crossed the von Kalman crater in the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the Moon.

Our space, In connection with the China National Space Administration, which controls Yutu II, first focused on the object in a post on December 3rd. The story dubbed the object as a “mystery hat.”Yutu 2 has been around since then Adjusted course Spend the next February-March day (which will take 2-3 months on Earth) to check the cube and investigate the characteristics of this mysterious moon. Researchers expect the strangely shaped structure to be simply a large rock. The particularly geometric shape of this mysterious object may simply be due to the pixelation of the photo itself.

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The Yutu-2 rover was launched on the Chang’e 4 mission in China in 2018 and reached the moon in January 2019. This mission was aimed at learning more about the far side of the moon, or what pop culture calls the far side of the moon. “The dark side of the moon.. Unlike this nickname, the far side of the moon is not always dark in reality, it just faces the other side of the globe.Solar power rover is a kind of hibernation Wake up for work when the sun sets behind the moon and when the sun rises above the craters.

Yutu-2 has already seen many interesting moon features on its trip. Strange gel It turns out that some rocks melted together and some rocks melted together Embarrassed debris It was probably thrown out of the impact of a meteorite.Chang’e 4’s mission also brought with it some fascinating new discoveries, such as those that could be part of the moon. Mantle..

Whatever this structure is, Yutu-2 continues to reveal other secrets held by the “dark side” of the moon. Yutu-2 Rover of China investigates “mysterious hut” on the moon

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