YouTube Kids’ new monetization policy may refund consumer videos

YouTube makes it difficult for children’s videos, which are considered “low quality”, to be monetized ( Engadget).The platform outlined the updated policy In a YouTube blog postPlease note that channels containing “children’s” content must follow the following: A stricter set of guidelines If you want to stay in the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP).

The policy is intended to discourage creators of children’s content from pushing out videos that they describe as “commercial or promotional” or to encourage “negative behavior or attitudes.” If your channels violate these guidelines, YouTube may suspend them from YPP. On the other hand, individual videos that violate the rules lose advertisers.

YouTube’s new guidelines can affect many channels, including one of YouTube’s largest children’s channels. Ryan’s World.. Ryan Kaji is a 10 year old YouTuber The video has been played millions of times. At the time of writing this article, his channel currently has 30.8 million subscribers.Kaji’s popularity Have him land the show on Amazon, together Roblox virtual world..

Many of Kaji’s videos revolve around toys that open boxes, and Kaji shows toys that helped him create them. It’s definitely described as “consumerist” — this is what YouTube is trying to reduce. YouTube says it “reached out to potentially affected creators” to help prepare for the policy before it came into force in November. If you want Ryan’s World to remain one of the most popular YouTube channels for kids, you may need to make significant adjustments to the type of content you output.

The latest major changes to children’s content were made in early 2020. When YouTube bans targeted advertising, comments, and some community features For kids videos. Just in February of this year YouTube has developed a “supervised experience” To give parents more control over what older children are seeing. YouTube Kids’ new monetization policy may refund consumer videos

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