You can try the new Safari 15 with Monterey feature now

Safari is Apple’s browser for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I recently learned at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Being updated with an important new design. Thanks to the Safari Technology Preview update, you can try out these new features on your Mac long before the public beta of MacOS Monterey is released.

Safari Technology Preview is Apple’s experimental browser designed for developers, allowing early access to new upgrades for Mac OS and iOS. They can see the latest updates, so they can provide valuable information about what needs to be tweaked. Safari Technology Preview was introduced in March 2016 in an attempt to make Mac OS as user-friendly as possible and keep developers up to date with the latest changes.

Recently apple Release update Safari Technology Preview will be released on MacOS Monterey this fall to run Safari 15. The highlights of Safari 15 you want to check out include tab groups and a completely redesigned address bar.

Another feature of MacOS Monterey that you can test in Safari Technology Preview is live text. This feature requires an M1 Mac Allows you to edit the text in images on the internet to work. MacOS Monterey Beta also includes links to quickly note important information and sudden epiphanies and quick note support to add Safari highlights.

Other updates include WebGL 2 and new HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features. An iCloud Keychain passkey has also been added. A passkey is a WebAuth credential that aims to replace your website and app passwords with device sync and backup. Payments also include several updates, such as improved support for creating deferred or recurring payments, displaying estimated arrival dates for shipping methods, entering coupon codes, and marking shipping methods as store receipts.

Access the latest version, Developer tab on Apple’s site Located in the Safari Technology Preview section. ‌Safari Technology Preview is designed for MacOS Monterey, but is currently fully compatible with MacOS’s 17th and current major release, MacOS Big Sur.

MacOS Beta is specially designed for developers, but you don’t need to have a developer account to download it. You can also run it side by side with your current Safari browser.

Editor’s recommendations You can try the new Safari 15 with Monterey feature now

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