You can now share video chapters on the YouTube app on Android

YouTube on Android now allows users to share video chapters directly. Last year, YouTube added chapters to videos that mark different parts of the video. For example, the Gadgets 360 review video has chapters on performance, design, and more. If you are interested, you can jump to these parts. With the new update, Android users can share chapters instead of sending links that start at the beginning of the video. The resulting link contains a chapter timestamp, so the user who gets the link goes directly to the shared part. Previously, this was only possible if you were using the YouTube website on your PC.

YouTube Chapters appear as markers in the video seek bar and include titles that indicate the end and beginning of the chapter, allowing viewers to easily jump to specific points in the video without scrubbing the timeline. Spots According to Android police.

Until now, there was no way to share a video link with a specific timestamp through the app. This allows the recipient to start the video from where they want it.

How to share YouTube video chapters on Android

Android users can share links to video chapters via the YouTube app. To do so:

Tap the chapter name just above the video seek bar to see a list of chapters with a share icon next to it.

Then tap the share icon for the specific chapter you want and use one of the many modes of sharing to send the video to someone.

The recipient receives a YouTube link with a time stamp that starts the video exactly from that time stamp.

This feature was discovered by Android police on Tuesday, but the article suggests that the feature may have been released as early as May in app version 16.20.35. We have tested the functionality with app version 16.24.33. If you don’t see the new link sharing feature in the YouTube Android app, try updating. You can now share video chapters on the YouTube app on Android

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