You can now copy and paste across Android and Windows with the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard: How to enable

The Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard app is getting a new cloud clipboard feature that allows users to copy and paste text between Android and Windows. Microsoft has updated the SwiftKey keyboard to version Once the latest version is installed, users can copy the text to their Android smartphone or tablet clipboard and paste it into their Windows PC and vice versa. To use the latest features, you need to set SwiftKey as your Android primary keyboard. The cloud clipboard feature was previously available in beta.

latest Microsoft SwiftKey update Deployment Via Google Play. As mentioned earlier, the new version provides the ability to cloud-sync the clipboard between Windows and Android. Cloud clipboard function Currently only available to Android users, the iOS rollout has not yet been announced.You also need a running PC Windows 10 (Since the update in October 2018).

Microsoft SwiftKey Cloud Clipboard: How to enable

The cloud clipboard feature can be enabled by accessing the following URL in the SwiftKey app. Rich Input> Clipboard> Sync Clipboard History to Cloud..

On Windows 10 PCs, you can enable it by opening Settings> System> Clipboard> Clipboard History Switch on> turn on Synchronize between devices.

Both steps will prompt the user to log in to Microsoft Create an account or create one if you don’t already have one.

It’s important to note that copying and pasting through the cloud feature only holds the clip for an hour. In addition, only the last copied clip will appear in the SwiftKey toolbar. The Microsoft SwiftKey cloud clipboard feature is only available for Microsoft accounts ( or

The SwiftKey app debuted on Android in July 2010 and reached iOS devices in September 2014. Currently, it supports over 400 languages ​​and the multilingual keyboard can enable up to 5 languages ​​at a time. SwiftKey also offers customization options with colorful keyboard themes and support for emojis, GIFs and stickers. In addition, users can set their own custom keyboard theme by keeping the photo as the background.

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