Yes, you can now order Girl Scout cookies at DoorDash.Method is as follows

Here is the Girl Scout cookie season.

girl Scout

The Girl Scout cookie season has begun. This year, there are multiple ways to get your favorite cookie box. Instead of waiting for the Girl Scout booth to open in your neighborhood, you can order cookies from DoorDash and have them delivered on the same day.

“Through this collaboration, we aim to provide access and opportunity to girl scouts while providing neighbors with a safe, efficient and enjoyable way to support the local army,” said DoorDash’s strategic partnership and Shanna Prevé, Vice President of Business Development, said. Said in a press release..

Explains how to DoorDash cookies. Rest assured that if DoorDash isn’t delivered to your area, or if you don’t have a Girl Scout booth, we’ll show you how to order online.

When can I start ordering Girl Scout cookies?

You can order online at any time, from now until the end of the popular cookie sales season. Girl Scouts started selling cookies on January 11th this year and will be open to the public until April. However, it is possible that cookies may be sold out in your area before then.

If you plan to DoorDash cookies, that option may not be available in your area until February.

What are the currently available cookie flavors?

Girl scouts have various cookies. Here are them.

    girl Scout

    girl Scout

  • Adventure lover
  • Caramel chocolate chips
  • Caramel de Lites / Samoas
  • Do-si-dos / peanut butter sandwich
  • Girl Scout S’more
  • lemonade
  • Lemon up
  • Peanut butter pate / tagalon
  • Shortbread / trefoil
  • Thin mint
  • Toast-Yay
  • Taffy-great

How to Order Girl Scout Cookies at DoorDash

Want to leave home or wait for cookies to be shipped? You can order Girl Scout cookies at DoorDash and have them delivered on the same day. Please note that this may not yet be available in your town as it has been deployed only in some areas so far. We plan to expand to more areas in February.

To see if it’s available in your area, open the DoorDash app on your phone and search for “girl scout”. If you don’t get any results, check again in February to see if it has been extended to your town.

DoorDash is not delivered in my town. How else can I order?

If you don’t have a DoorDash driver in your area, you can order Girl Scout cookies online. All you have to do is visit the Girl Scout website and enter your zip code. You can also choose which unit to buy. Go to your unit’s domain and select the number of boxes for each cookie option.

Do you hate cookies?You can still donate

If you’re not a cookie fan but want to help a girl scout, you can donate. And it doesn’t have to be the money you donate.For example, in Kentucky, people Supporting Girl Scout Troops I was influenced by the tornado by buying or donating cookies. If you want to make a donation, you can choose which army to go to.

For more information, DoorDash’s new “ultra-fast” grocery delivery service.. Yes, you can now order Girl Scout cookies at DoorDash.Method is as follows

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