Yamaha Robotics Unveils Advanced Assembly Automation at Productronica 2023

Yamaha Robotics will showcase its latest generation 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION at A3.323 at Productronica 2023, which brings together a full set of new YR series printers, surface mounters and inspection machines. The new dual-lane mounter YRM20DL will be unveiled at the booth and an entire area will be dedicated to Yamaha software solutions. In addition, factory automation demonstrations showcase flexible robots for machine assembly.

Yamaha’s one-stop smart solution

Yamaha’s latest YR series surface mounters offer improved accuracy and stability, allow fully automated changeovers, and deliver unprecedented speed and efficiency. His new YRP10 premium printer enables instant stencil changes through automation, maintaining high throughput and consistent solder paste conditions. The YRM20 mounter enables non-stop exchange of carts and feeders, combining high loading speeds with flexible head selection to maximize throughput. And with high-definition vision, fast graphics processing and AI, his YRi-V 3D AOI system improves part recognition, facilitates programming, reduces cycle time and improves inspection accuracy.

The YRM20DL dual lane mounter will be exhibited for the first time in Europe. With a comparable board size adjustment range and support for all automation features on each lane, the YRM20DL enables owners to increase throughput, flexibility and efficiency at the same time.

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Yamaha YRM20DL

In a software-only area, visitors can see the latest YSUP Graphical User Interface (GUI) and intelligent factory tools that ensure top performance of YR-series machines. With easy-to-use menus and rich 3D graphics, the YSUP suite helps you set up and monitor all equipment in your line, automatically identifying and resolving the causes of inspection failures for maximum productivity help you recover.

The Yamaha booth will also exhibit industrial robots for general assembly work. Highlighting the flexibility of the LCMR200 workpiece transport solution, this demonstration shows how items can be moved quickly between different assembly processes. These can be run directly on his LCMR200 slider using SCARA or Cartesian robots. The horizontal and vertical circulation units of the LCMR200 enable the construction of 2D and 3D transportation networks, giving you the flexibility to optimize production and individualize products while achieving a compact assembly cell size.

“The latest generation YR surface mount series of our 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION offers exciting opportunities for European high-tech manufacturers with faster speeds, greater precision and more powerful tools to optimize productivity. said Daisuke Yoshihara, General Sales Manager. “We also look forward to showing how our robots can automate a variety of assembly and transportation tasks to further increase productivity.”

As always, the Yamaha Robotics booth will be staffed with technical and sales experts ready to introduce and detail the Yamaha Intelligent Factory. Visit us at Booth 323, Hall 3 at Productronica 2023, November 14-17 in Munich, Germany.

https://www.wnie.online/yamaha-robotics-to-present-advanced-assembly-automation-at-productronica-2023/ Yamaha Robotics Unveils Advanced Assembly Automation at Productronica 2023

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