Xiaomi’s patent introduces the design of the company’s future flagship

Xiaomi We are constantly obtaining certain patents related to smartphones and other electronic devices. Some of them manage to come back to life, but something remains on the shelves to collect dust. Over time, we’ll see what the fate of the company’s next patent, which recently appeared on the network, will be. The patent application itself was filed last September, but information about it is only available now.

Xiaomi’s patent introduces the design of the company’s future flagship

The patent document shows a Xiaomi smartphone with rounded corners. The front panel shows a display with rounded edges and corners, and curved bezels on the sides. Here, the front camera is engraved in the upper left corner.

The size of the main camera with a large main sensor is impressive. Below that is a small sensor and a zoom periscope. The LED flash at the bottom completes this ensemble. Judging from the set of sensors, the device should be at flagship level. However, there is no information as to whether such smartphones will appear in the future.

Xiaomi phone with round screen and perispic telephoto lens

On September 25, 2020, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software filed a design patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Industrial Design Database, Hague International Design System. A document showing the new Xiaomi smartphone was available on October 15, 2021.

It’s a modern Xiaomi phone with rounded corners and a curved display. The screen edge of the device is very narrow, showing only small bezels at the top and bottom. There is a punch hole in the upper left corner of the selfie camera. The screen is also more rounded than, for example, the Mi11 series.

The curved screen and narrow screen edges raise the suspicion that it is a high-end cell phone. You can see this idea by looking at the triple camera on the back.

The triple camera is prominently placed in the center of the housing. You can get a large main camera here. As Xiaomi often uses, it may be a 108MP camera. In addition, you can see a relatively small round camera (probably with a super wide-angle lens) and a rectangular periscopic telephoto zoom camera. Also, there is a flash just below it.

It’s somewhat noteworthy that Xiaomi has such a large camera system in the center of the device. Such cameras take up a lot of space. As part of this reason, more and more manufacturers are choosing to place their cameras in the upper left corner. Nevertheless, there are other Xiaomi phones available with a centralized camera, such as the Redmi Note 9T. Xiaomi’s patent introduces the design of the company’s future flagship

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