Xiaomi smartphone censorship and monitoring tool?Experts answer

Last September, Lithuanian officials filed a complaint against Xiaomi, stating that its smartphone had a built-in sensor that ruled out unfavorable or inconvenient demands for Beijing. In particular, they also said that the device would send user data to a server in Singapore. As part of that, Xiaomi said that devices available in the European and global markets do not have tools for censorship, which also guarantees protection of confidentiality and privacy.

Xiaomi smartphone censorship and monitoring tool?Experts answer

To prove the truth, the German Federal Cyber ​​Security Watchdog BSI conducted its own investigation and made its verdict. Experts have not found any evidence of the existence of tools for censorship. With the program code of the Xiaomi device.

“As a result, BSI was unable to identify anomalies that required further investigation or other action,” the German group said in a statement to Reuters.

This suggests that experts could not find evidence of Lithuanian officials’ accusations against Xiaomi. At this point, the company hasn’t commented on the findings, but it’s definitely a favorite.

Interestingly, not so long ago, the Taiwan National Communications Commission (NCC) also announced that it had discovered censorship built into Xiaomi smartphones. Did the experts in this department find out wrong? Perhaps the point is that China sees Taiwan as its independent state and is unaware of its independence. That is, no one removes censorship tools from devices that appear to be sold in Chinese territory.

Taiwanese authorities talk about monitoring and built-in censorship of Xiaomi devices

According to Taiwanese experts, the MiAdBlacklisConfigur program is available on Xiaomi smartphones on the server using seven standard applications. Its mission is to censor the request and block links to sites that Beijing dislikes. For example, requests such as “Taiwan Independence”, “Free Tibet”, and “Tiananmen Square Event” will block.

“In our test, the program [MiAdBlacklisConfigur] It can be downloaded from the server at via the seven embedded applications on your Mi 10T 5G smartphone. It targets a long list of politically sensitive terms and can block smartphones from linking to related websites. These apps can also send the user’s web history to a server in Beijing, “the NCC said in a statement.

“Judging from the test results, we will continue to investigate whether Xiaomi Taiwan has jeopardized the interests of Taiwanese users. By infringing on their privacy. Regulations enforced by the company by other government authorities. In case of violation, we will notify the relevant agencies. “Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) said. Xiaomi smartphone censorship and monitoring tool?Experts answer

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