Xiaomi loses Samsung’s title of “India’s No. 1 Smarphone brand”

Xiaomi India fell to the second largest market share in the country in March 2022. Samsung is currently the market leader. In particular, Xiaomi has been at the forefront of the Indian smartphone segment for several years. The company sells great smartphones in India. Xiaomi’s strategy is to provide mobile phones at affordable prices in India. Today, this master plan is producing tremendous results for the company. As a result, Xiaomi has long been a leader in India’s market share.

Xiaomi holds the coveted No. 1 brand title in India for several years. We have gained more than 15% of the market share. The brand has been a leader in the Indian smartphone industry since 2017. Samsung surpassed Xiaomi in the third quarter of 2020. However, Samsung was unable to maintain its number one position in 2021. Last year, Xiaomi regained the lead. New market research by Counterpoint Research shows amazing results. Samsung surpassed Xiaomi in market share in March.

Xiaomi India fell to second place in market share in March 2022

In March, Samsung saw an increase in smartphone sales in India. The company was ranked number one in the first quarter of 2022. In the first quarter of this year, we sold more 5G smartphones than any other brand in the country. Samsung had a 23% market share at the time. However, Xiaomi’s market share was 18% over the same period. India is currently one of the largest markets for smartphones in the world. India buys more smartphones than the United States, according to the 2019 smartphone industry counterpoint survey.

Currently, Counterpoint Research has released the March 2022 India Smartphone Shipping Report. Xiaomi’s market share in India was 22%. However, rival Samsung was able to maintain an impressive market share of 27% domestically. It’s worth mentioning here that the report focuses only on March. As a result, Xiaomi fell to second place, especially in March 2022. According to the quarterly report, Xiaomi is still the number one smartphone in India. However, this monthly report is a key sign that Xiaomi needs to fix its flaws. If the intent to buy a Xioami phone continues to decline at this rate, users may shift to other brands.

Is Xiaomi’s No. 1 position in India at risk?

In addition, if Xiaomi’s market share continues to decline significantly, other brands may abolish Xiaomi and become new market leaders. Therefore, Xiaomi India needs to understand its flaws and fix them as soon as possible to avoid further decline in market share. To make matters worse, Xiaomi India is being attacked by the executive office. The agency has accused the company of violating foreign exchange policy. The ED was on the verge of seizing assets worth Rs 5,551. However, the Karnataka High Court has withheld this seizure. Xiaomi loses Samsung’s title of “India’s No. 1 Smarphone brand”

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