Xcode 14 Beta Virtually Confirms iPhone 14 Pro Will Get AOD

latest beta cross code 14 Always On Display (AOD) is almost certain to come to the iPhone 14 Pro lineup.

AOD has been on many Android devices since around 2016. The only device in the Apple garden with an AOD is the Apple Watch (Series 5+).

Rather than having to fully wake up the display to obsessively check information, AODs allow you to see data at a glance.

AOD requires a very low refresh rate to save battery. Upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to feature new variable refresh rate OLED panels that vary from 120Hz to 1Hz.

With iOS 16, Apple is introducing third-party lock screen widgets.A clever new feature called “Live Activities” You can also display temporary information on your lock screen, such as sports game scores or Uber arrival times.

Both of these iOS 16 features allow developers to provide information to users who are not actively using their apps. Combined with AODs, third-party widgets and live activities should be able to continue to provide basic information even when the user’s screen is not fully awake.

As an iOS developer discovered @rhogelleimthe latest Xcode 14 beta SwiftUI preview has a new behavior that allows developers to see how their widgets will look when the screen is in always-on mode.

Interestingly, a hidden flag was discovered in the iOS 16 beta that indicates Apple is testing the iPhone 13 Pro’s always-on display feature.

The iPhone 13 Pro supports refresh rates up to 10Hz. A refresh rate like this could support his AOD, but it would be much less efficient than one running at just 1Hz.

Apple may enable AOD on the iPhone 13 Pro (albeit with a battery drain warning). Increase your market share for compatible devices. The combined market share of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro devices will further attract developers working on AOD-compatible widgets and activities.

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