Xbox Series X | S Hardware revisions won’t happen immediately, Phil Spencer says

According to Phil Spencer, hardware revisions for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will not be released shortly.

Speak in the latest episode of IGN Podcast unlockedThe Xbox manager confirmed that nothing would happen next year, so it wouldn’t make customers feel that they should have waited before getting the current generation of Xbox consoles.

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Next year, there is nothing that makes me think I should have waited.

These are the consoles we have had on the market for years. And we built them with that in mind, and I love the technology and its capabilities there, and that’s where our focus goes.

The fact that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series hardware revisions will not be released in the near future does not mean that they will not be released at all. According to Phil Spencer, the Xbox series line will eventually expand as new hardware creates new opportunities, especially at the low end.

Hardware actually creates new opportunities and I want to do it. As I said before, finding more imminent opportunities can be low-end.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S are now available worldwide. For more information on the current generation of Microsoft consoles, see: our Review..

Xbox Series S is a system for players who just want to play games. Using the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft has created an all-digital system that appeals to older gamers like me. This console will play all the games you already enjoy on your Xbox better than the Xbox One S, allowing you to play all the biggest games in the future. If you just want to play plain games, the Xbox Series S is for you. Xbox Series X | S Hardware revisions won’t happen immediately, Phil Spencer says

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