WWDC: Is Apple preparing to give the iPad a huge upgrade?

The lack of true multitasking has long been a criticism cast on the iPad, but this may (or may not) change, and we at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). You may (or may not) learn more about. The big event will start on June 6th.

Let’s mix, let’s mix

Evidence of change is sparse — consists of additional WebKit code for multitasking mode that suggests a freely resizable window. What this really means is that you can open multiple windows on your iPad and resize them to your liking, close to the Mac experience.

Developer Steve Trouton-Smith speculates This code not only provides feasible support for new iPad OS-powered devices, but may also provide a Mac desktop-like user experience.

Apple continues to respect the differences between the iPad and Mac while bringing the user experience closer.Its vision extends to complementary use, as evidenced by Universal control It was announced in 2021. In the latter, you can use your Mac and iPad with one mouse and keyboard to control both and improve partnerships between platforms. For example, you can drag and drop items between devices.The sum of both devices used together looks like this: Larger than the partsWhile both devices retain their uniqueness.

With a bigger engine

When Apple mobile, Both devices have a much larger engine.With this in mind, it’s very interesting despite Apple’s use of the Mac class. M1 Apple Silicon Chip on most iPad seriesLittle is known about how it will be abused processing power On the iPad OS 16, Apple didn’t power up the range for no good reason, but speculation hasn’t been noticeable in recent weeks.

What we’ve heard consists of improved notifications about “new ways to interact with apps” and “new Apple apps” and vague noise. I don’t think we know much, but it suggests improvements to the platform for notifications, health apps, and potentially the company’s expected future development of AR glasses.

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