Would you like to eat food made by robots?you may have to immediately

Softbank Robotics Announcing collaboration with USA Gaussium Create a commercial robotic assistant. New robots, Delivery X1 (X1) and Scrubber 50 Pro (S50), complete staff tasks and work with staff to support businesses struggling with hiring slowdowns and skills gaps.

The restaurant industry is facing a labor shortage, Many restaurants find it difficult to fill vacanciesAccording to the press release, the X1 and S50 will take on monotonous and repetitive tasks to allow employees to focus on customers and “higher value responsibilities.”

X1 is a food service robot designed to serve food and drink to customers when employees are unavailable. Equipped with anti-collision spill technology. The X1 also allows employees to bus tables and take dirty dishes to the kitchen.

The main role of the S50 Pro is to assist in cleaning operations as it has scrubbing, sweeping, dusting and disinfecting functions. Robots can clean and disinfect floors at the same time, and they know when to notify humans when more cleaning is needed.

Also: Boston Dynamics: We have no intention of weaponizing robots.

In recent years, especially after the coronavirus pandemic, many major food chains have integrated apps and online ordering options into their processes to help their employees keep up with large orders.However Customers are annoyed with online ordershas an impact on consumer satisfaction.

To make up for the labor shortage and prevent the number of hungry customers from decreasing, university, restaurantWhen food delivery service Introducing autonomous robots to cook and serve food. But the robot doesn’t just refill your vanilla cola.Restaurants are hiring robots kitchenware When fried food chefthat too.

Miso Robotics, which specializes in creating robots for food service, takes advantage of the fact that many restaurants need extra hands (robot arms) in their kitchens. Miso is in charge of a series of robots his kitchen his helpers such as: Flippy 2a robotic arm with AI-powered vision that fryes and transfers food with precision.

Now is the perfect time for robotic restaurant workers to cut salaries, the biggest expense in the restaurant industry. Robots can also help improve efficiency, but for employees, Bionic co-workers affect your salary.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the robot will serve the food you ordered immediately.The future is here and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that next flying car.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/would-you-eat-food-cooked-by-a-robot-you-might-have-to-soon/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 Would you like to eat food made by robots?you may have to immediately

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