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Workplace credibility can be a woman’s best friend

For years, women have struggled to find the right balance between work and personal life.the study show About five years ago, 58% of millennial mothers said that working mothers make it difficult for them to advance their careers.Even more worrisome is half of the women under the age of 30 Said They thought their gender was a disadvantage at work. Fast-forwarding in 2021, COVID-19 made the problem even more complicated.

It’s easy to imagine that moving to work from home in response to a pandemic will reduce the burden on women’s work-life balance, but that’s far from the truth.Increasingly, evidence shows that COVID-19 has to be influenced Women at all levels, from field workers to senior management.

The most troublesome thing is Forced eviction Of a disproportionately large workforce.Recent forecasts Estimate Women’s employment may not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024. It’s two years after the man’s recovery.

Many of us working in government technology are fortunate to have white-collar jobs, high-speed internet at home, and a supportive family life. This is not given to all women who have a balance between work and life. For those still in the workforce, even women who successfully overcame work-life balance challenges before the pandemic found that working from home often meant additional tension and stress. For example, individuals who need to segment different parts of their lives have found this no longer possible, but people who are multitaskers are pushing their abilities to the limit. The two are completely intertwined, so there is no longer a clear line between work and life.

This situation perpetuates the cycle in which women have to choose between advancing their careers or living outside the office. Especially if you need a managerial career in the technology industry. This “either / or” paradigm allows women to gradually advance their careers. They may be more advanced in this area, but they are not promoted to managerial positions as often or quickly as men.

So what can we do to address this prevailing problem? It begins to become a reality.

Women need to embrace authenticity in the workplace in order to face these challenges head-on. Credibility — loyal to yourself in your actions and interactions — not only provides an individual with a greater sense of balance, but also makes others aware of and empathize with your particular task in the workplace. It helps to create a culture of support as a whole. For childcare, home problems, health problems or other personal situations. (As the author pointed out, lead with empathy Amy J. Wilson, All of us can benefit. )

Like many business women, my career has often been prioritized in the past. It influenced how others see me and the opportunities I can follow. Currently a leader and mother of Fortune 500 companies, I choose to balance every aspect of my life. For example, Zoom calls don’t hide the fact that you have kids and dogs in the background. That doesn’t mean I’m not focused on achieving the company’s goals. I just choose not to feel guilty about the fulfillment of life.

Interestingly, this hasn’t caused me frustration at work. Well, if I often paused, turned from the camera, and didn’t realize I needed to turn the “intern”, I would be lying (I point to my kid), And sometimes an excited kid even asks for forgiveness, his “great success” cry for all my colleagues to hear. The overwhelming majority of the people I’m involved with fully understand when something unexpected happens, especially at a higher level in the company. I believe that understanding will occur because I am faithful to myself and my reality.

One of the implications of COVID-19 and the move to remote work may not be obvious to managers and employees, but leaders can help others in the organization achieve the same balance. It means that it needs to be. Different organizations and departments may have different perspectives, but regardless of the work environment, the support structure (managers and peers) asks and engages rather than assuming that everyone has what they need. is needed.

At the same time, employees need to be confident in asking what they need, whether it’s training or simply understanding that life isn’t just about work. Understanding your strengths and limitations is the beginning of becoming your most authentic self.

In the post-pandemic era, we can see that much has changed about the attitudes that have driven the workplace and people for a long time. Creating an environment where everyone can succeed as “self” is an evolving but necessary process. What remains the same is that we need to fulfill our promises to our customers, each other, and perhaps most importantly, ourselves. So be real and be as real as possible.

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Nyla Beth Gawel is Senior Vice President of Strategy at Science Applications International Corp. Workplace credibility can be a woman’s best friend-Washington Technology

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