Woman thrown out of plane at Pensacola International Airport

Pensacola, Fla. (WKRG) – A woman was arrested after being thrown from a plane and “getting out of control,” according to an arrest report from the Pensacola City Police Department.

Doryssa Owens, 35, is accused of fleeing police after getting out of control on a plane at Pensacola International Airport on July 26. Owens reportedly boarded a plane at Gate 5 and was asked to borrow the man’s cell phone. Mr. Owens took the phone to the back of the plane.

The man told Mr. Owens to return his cell phone, at which point Mr. Owens began asking others for their phones. The flight attendants and the pilot asked Owens to get off the plane, but he refused, according to reports. Police arrived and were eventually able to remove Owens from the plane.

The report said Owens was talking to police officers as he ran and exited the airport through the emergency exit leading to the runway. Her officers eventually caught up with her and took her Ms. Owens into custody.

Owens was charged with violating the airport’s designated operational zone.

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/escambia-county/woman-thrown-off-plane-at-pensacola-international-airport/ Woman thrown out of plane at Pensacola International Airport

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