WKRG Paper Football League: Championship

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — The WKRG News 5 Paper Football League season came to an end on Wednesday night as the two giants clash for the title.

Anchor Peter Albrecht waltzed into the championship game, while sports director Simone Eli’s previous matches were inconclusive. Rumors circulated that it was Eli’s destiny to win the PFL.

She lived up to her destiny by getting off to a good start in the championship, but Albrecht was unable to catch up after an early setback.

“Listen, I’ve won a lot in my life and this is the best moment for me,” Eli said after the game. “This is my greatest achievement. Beating Snowden, then Pete, the big favorites. The generational advantage they had, I took it all down for the sports department. My job is I feel like we did it right.”

In case you missed first round or semifinal Check out the results!

https://www.wkrg.com/sports/wkrg-paper-football-league-championship/ WKRG Paper Football League: Championship

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