With the new AR feature for Facebook portals, you can dress up as a Harry Potter character

Facebook portal video calling device Harry Potter and the Cursed Child A crossover that allows you and up to three friends to dress up as characters in the play using augmented reality technology.

The usage is as follows. According to Facebook blog:

Anyone can start the experience by tapping “Curtain Call” in the portal’s effects tray. Then you can choose one of the three locations from the menu to visit. Hogwarts Great Hall, Ministry of Magic, or the edge of the Forbidden Forest. When the light comes on, each person in the call embodies the character of the show with a unique, randomly assigned spell. Nod your head or tap the screen to cast and watch your friends marvel at the magic.

The AR mask that transforms into a character equipped with Facebook’s Spark AR technology also matches the skin color. “Callers can fully embody the character thanks to real-time skin sampling that matches the 3D character to their own skin color before converting it to an AR mask for seamless integration,” Facebook said. I’m talking about it on my blog.

This feature works for inter-portal video calls for US and UK users. And even if you don’t have a portal device, “Instagram and Facebook fans can interact with AR masks through each app’s camera and share videos and photos through stories,” the company said. ..

Facebook is stepping up its augmented reality efforts.Announced Last September Creators will be able to create AR effects for messengers and portals in 2021. The company has also invested heavily in AR and VR devices, with nearly 10,000 employees. I’m reportedly working in the Reality Lab department.. With the new AR feature for Facebook portals, you can dress up as a Harry Potter character

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