Winners and Losers: Android Relief and Huawei’s Another Nightmare

Everyone is the winner Black friday Week, but in the area of ​​tech news, it was another week for winners and losers.. Boo with Hooray and Huawei for Android users.

This week’s news is on the ground as major tech companies keep drying gunpowder until Black Friday gets in the way.There are still some great stuff Black Friday deals Also offering to you Except for Nintendo’s stingy ok..

One on the mobile side is Apple has only two years since adding its own modem On the iPhone (again, sorry, Qualcomm), OnePlus 10 leak I proposed to become a business as usual.Motorola First benefited from Samsung’s 200 megapixel camera sensor.. Isn’t it Samsung? strange.

Celebrities enjoyed the invasion of technology this week. Adele has won a big win for Spotify users Persuade the streaming giant to remove the shuffle button from the album page.However Keanu Reeves is not suitable for Neo or John Wick Appeared in Mortal Kombat. Spotify and Netflix have partnered We also serve people who can’t get enough of their favorite shows.

But what about the winners and losers of the week?

Front image of Google Pixel 6

Winner: Android user

This was a good week, mostly for Android users who have Google news Finally fix how to handle the reaction from iMessage user.

This was a bugbear for anyone who has participated in group messages with users on either side of a major OS split, as these reactions only work well among iMessage users.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Text interpretation of what iPhone users consider to be hearts, dislikes, exclamation marks, or question marks. “James liked” see you in the pub at 7 pm “,” followed by “Eric asked,” see you in the pub at 7 pm, “” and “Thomas met in the pub at 7 pm.” I didn’t like “let’s go”

This was a really unnecessary way for Google to mishandle reactions in text fallbacks that ruin iPhone and Android user feeds alike.

Currently, Google has fixed it with a new version of the publicly available stock messaging app. This will cause these reactions to appear as emojis instead. Google, it’s slower than ever.

Speaking of what Google should have done years ago, this week there was another win for Android users, but it’s courtesy. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser.. What’s new in beta now helps prevent third-party apps across mobile phones from sending personal usage data to Facebook, Google, and more.

It’s similar to Apple’s app transparency feature, but it actually shows the results, rather than just asking the developer not to share the data.

Huawei Nova 9 EMUI 12

Loser: Huawei

This week Another disaster in Huawei

It’s been a rough few years for Huawei. Suspicions about 5G infrastructure continue, the successful Honor subbrand needs to be spun off, and the US sanctions keep it out of the Google Play store and all the great apps.

However, at least Huawei has a reliable app store alternative, with all the best apps that people can safely use.

The makers of antivirus software Dr.Web believe that the Huawei AppGallery is littered with malware. We found a Trojan horse lurking in 190 games available in the store. wonderful! And those apps have been downloaded 9.3 million times. Wonderful!

If the user gives the infected app the necessary permissions, the app may transfer all the nice personal information to the remote server. This includes mobile phone numbers, device locations, network information, device specifications, and more. Oh, once it’s all done, the app will serve ads one after another. Organize Huawei. Winners and Losers: Android Relief and Huawei’s Another Nightmare

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