Windows 11 Microsoft Store Takes Serious

Microsoft Microsoft Store for Windows 11.. Now available in the newly redesigned store is the Microsoft Edge web browser, which shows changes from the past when the company’s flagship app wasn’t available in its app store.

But Microsoft Edge Is already pre-installed on both Windows 11 and has an important milestone that Microsoft hit in today’s news. Edge is now the first official Microsoft Win32 app available on Windows 11 via the store.Previously, all Microsoft apps in the store were traditional Progressive web app (PWA) or Universal Windows app (UWP.)

This availability shows that Microsoft is serious about setting standards and making it easy for developers to download traditional programs to Windows 11. It also meets Microsoft’s promise to add other Win32 apps such as Microsoft Teams and Visual to the store. Studio (not yet arrived).

However, installing this store version of Edge has little effect. Based on our tests, re-download Edge, open it and link to the current browsing section. This is because Edge is pre-installed on Windows and does not need to be downloaded separately. If anything, this list shows how easy it is to find a Win32 app. You no longer need to open a web browser, just start the search in the store itself.

Other than Microsoft, other developers have already started uploading Win32 apps to the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. The previous example includes a popular streaming app. OBS Studio, And Adobe’s popular PDF reader, Acrobat DC.

Microsoft is also working to provide support for Android apps to the Microsoft Store through the Amazon Appstore. The company hasn’t shipped this feature yet, but many Windows users are already worried and Otherwise, sideload incompatible apps.

Today’s Microsoft Edge can be found by searching for “Microsoft Edge Browser” in the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. Interestingly, this app is published under the name “Microsoft Corporation II” and is probably published as a way to separate Microsoft’s other list and showcase Microsoft’s new Win32 app.

This may be in beta testing for now, as Microsoft did not announce the availability of Edge in the store.

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