Windows 11 death blue screen is black

Migration from Windows 10 To Windows 11 It appears to be set to remove one of the most recognized and feared screens from Microsoft’s operating system. The blue screen of death (BSoD) is set to disappear.

So The Verge Report, A preview build of Windows 11 reveals that BSoD remains, but the “B” now stands for black. Although not officially confirmed yet, Microsoft is believed to have switched from blue to black to match the black background of the new OS login and shutdown screens. You should not expect changes to BSoD other than color. Still, it uses the same layout to convey the same information.

It’s hard to say that the blue screen of death is overlooked, as we are all afraid to encounter the blue screen. If you see this screen, it means something went wrong. Windows simply can’t handle it and can’t keep working. You need to reboot and cross your fingers. Another BSoD does not reappear immediately.

Also, Mac users will eventually lose their blue screen when using Parallels. Fully compatible with Windows 11 With Parallels Desktop.And if Microsoft decides to do so, even older PCs can eventually lose it Supports 7th Generation Intel CPUs and 1st Generation Ryzen Chips For Windows 11.

https:///operating-systems/143520/the-windows-11-blue-screen-of-death-is-black Windows 11 death blue screen is black

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