Windows 10 features that you miss in Windows 11

Windows 11 has some great new features, but it’s sad to hear that some of Windows 10’s old favorite features have been removed. Windows 11 adds some unexpected new features such as Android apps, revised Start menu and taskbar, new widgets and more. Windows 11 also removes many of the Windows 10 features that PC users are accustomed to. This is all the features that were previously available in Windows 10 and will be removed from Windows 11.

Windows 11 says goodbye to Cortana

One of the boldest and least useful features that Windows 11 removes is Cortana, No longer yelling “HI, I’M CORTANA” while setting up a new PC. I don’t know how many people will miss it, but Cortana has also been kicked off the Windows 11 taskbar.She is not an icon Also As we’ve seen, it’s part of Windows 11’s search capabilities. Cortana exists only as an app and probably matches what’s on Windows 10.

RIP Internet Explorer

We knew Microsoft would kill Internet Explorer in 2022, but Win11 is here to step on its grave and rest the last part. Microsoft does not include Internet Explorer in Windows 11 at all, but it does include a browser as part of “IE mode” in Edge.

Tablet mode is gone

Tablet mode was used in the Windows 10 Surface Pro device experience, but is deprecated in Windows 11. As the name implies, it works on tablets. When Windows detects that the hardware keyboard has been removed from the Windows tablet, it transitions to tablet mode. Adopted a more touch-friendly UI. While Microsoft removes tablet mode, the UI as a whole becomes more adaptable and consistently used across devices. The company also said that “the keyboard attachment and detachment posture includes new features.” This means that the functionality remains, but the entire mode does not have to be present.

Quick status from lock screen

Windows 11

In Windows 10, the user is “AppIs displayed on the lock screen of Windows 10, so you can check upcoming calendar notifications and weather alerts. Perhaps that feature is being replaced via a widget, so Microsoft has removed the Windows 11 lock screen quick status feature.

Start screen and tiles

In Windows 10, you can add app icons to the Start screen and group them into large tiles, small tiles, animated tiles, and static tiles as you like. With Microsoft’s new operating system, you can’t even resize the start screen, and live tiles will be deprecated.Fixed apps and sites Windows 10 will not be carried over to Win11 either. You now have this small, minimal app library.

So what do you think about the features that have been removed from Windows 11? Are there any features you use every day? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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