William Shatner safely goes to space and returns [Updated]

expansion / NS-18 crew. Photos from left to right: Glen de Vries, Audrey Powers, William Shatner, Chris Boschuisen.

Blue origin

11:10 am ET update: The launch was delayed by nearly an hour due to unspecified issues, but the Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft took off from western Texas on Wednesday morning and landed safely 10 minutes and 18 seconds later. The capsule reached its peak at an altitude of 107 km.

This is Blue Origin’s second manned spaceflight, among the crew. Star Trek Actor William Shatner, a guest of Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos. “It’s something I’ve never felt before. Everyone in the world needs to do this,” Shatner said during the landing.

Blue Origin aims to fly another crew member in 2021, with six unnamed passengers likely to take place in December. The cadence of human suborbital flight should increase to 6-12 passenger flights in 2022. The main obstacle to increasing cadence is believed to be the refurbishment of heat shields. Take a seat in the early missions.

Original post: Indeed, there are many reasons to be cynical about today’s manned spaceflight at Blue Origin’s New Shepard launch system.

The company, founded by Jeff Bezos, has recently delivered rocket engines to its main customer, the United Launch Alliance, before suing another NASA after failing to win a contract to build a lunar module. Not wrapped in glory. Thanks to the Blue Origin proceedings, work on the human landing system with NASA’s SpaceX has been suspended for nearly five months.

Then there is a recent revelation about “Toxic” labor culture At the company. With the exception of Alexandra Abrams, who left the company in 2019, some former and current employees have sexist workplaces and other cultural affairs that prevent Blue Origin from reaching its full potential. I blamed the illness.

On the eve of Flight 18 New Shepard, actor William Shatner will be temporarily carried into space and over the Earth’s atmosphere. Abrams said he wanted the four crew members to fly safely and nominally. But when it comes to Blue Origin, its founder Jeff Bezos, she wasn’t punching. And how much did you feel that the reality of Blue Origin’s behavior deviated from his soaring vision?

“I grew up Star TrekAnd I remember Jeff Bezos touring Shatner around Blue in Kent, Washington in 2019, “she said. Nothing changes. Star Trek It is about exploring our shared humanity and evolution as a species. I am worried that we may be the Ferengis of our story. “

Bezos does not seem to be aware of this type of criticism.of Response to the article Regarding the concerns of Abrams and many other employees of the Washington Post, his newspaper Bezos tweeted Image of a 1995 article in which Baron criticizes the Amazon. “Listen and be open, but don’t let anyone tell you who you are,” Bezos said. “This was just one of many stories telling us all the ways we fail.”

However, it is not entirely clear whether Bezos is listening to or accepting legitimate criticisms of Blue Origin.

Finally, there is no doubt that inviting Shatner as a guest on New Shepard’s second human flight is a marketing strategy.This mission lacked the novelty of the first crew flight with Bezos, otherwise there would have been less interest in sending two millionaires (Chris). With Boshuizen Glen de Vries) Blue Origin employee Audrey Powers jumps into space for a few minutes.

I asked my Twitter followers on Tuesday if the sight of Shatner flying into space was more “marketing” or “great” and voted “marketing” by a 3: 1 difference.

As someone who has written about space for decades and watched most episodes of most Star Trek series, I wouldn’t fly Shatner into space. Great marketing.. This flight does not solve a serious problem with Blue Origin. Due to poor management, the company is underdelivered. But Captain Kirk finally goes to space, thanks to Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos.

There is a lot of turmoil in today’s world, but sending Shatner into space is not one of them, after Shatner has brought great joy to many over the years.

The launch will take place at 9am local time (West Texas) or 14:00 UTC. The webcast will start 90 minutes ago.

Release of NS-18. William Shatner safely goes to space and returns [Updated]

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