Will this robot put dogs out of work?oh save us

Will you put this lovely dog ​​out of business? perhaps.

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Humanity is the architect of its own downfall.

technically incorrect

We are doomed because we are good at dooming ourselves and really good at not predicting the consequences of our actions.

we have already conscientiously accepted it robots will put us out of workbut do we really have to do the same to our dearest, dearest friend, our dog?

I’m asking because I quarreled YouTube videos It made me fear a better existence on this earth.

This video shows work performed by Tel Aviv University. The work is very clever. At least that’s what I understand clearly. The video itself is headlined “Scientific First”.

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As you can see, these brilliant scientists have enabled robots to smell things. Yes, like we smell things. Or your dog is always sniffing.

In fact, your dog has a much better sense of smell than you. Here, scientists in Tel Aviv wanted to know if it could match your dog’s olfactory efficiency.

So, as they explain in a paper with the inspirational title, “locust antennae as odor discriminators,“Scientists have created a robot with a locust antenna attached.

why locusts? because, scientists say, insects are really good at sniffing this smell. “For example, a mosquito can detect a 0.01 percent difference in carbon dioxide levels in the air,” while existing technology cannot.

How far should this new creation go? One of his researchers, Dr. Yossi Yovel, said:

This probably won’t work?

According to scientists, this so-called bio-hybrid machine “can distinguish between at least eight pure odors and two mixtures of different odorants, regardless of odorant concentration.”

What kind of smell are we talking about here? It’s lemon and marzipan. More importantly, the object appears to be able to identify different types of Scotch whiskey.

“Yes, but what is this used for in the real world?”

Dr. Ben Maoz in the video says: medicine, and even rotten food. ”

So you have it. That adorable drug-sniffing dog you see at the airport, so gentle and kind? One day, I suddenly lost my job. they have worked hard. They trained and trained. And is this how we pay them back?

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Don’t mistake my humor for resistance. I fully understand that Tel Aviv’s robotic detectors may actually be able to get into dangerous places where sniffer dogs don’t want to go.

However, there is always a certain sadness in wondering how humanity will react to these snifferbots.

I’m afraid I trust my honest, hardworking dog completely and completely ignore it.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/this-robot-will-put-dogs-out-of-work-oh-save-us/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 Will this robot put dogs out of work?oh save us

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