Will Google’s new bet on lowcode / nocode be rewarded this time?

Google made a big bet Low code and no code Software development by launch Vertex AI About a year ago. But with the new release, analysts believe that Internet giants may ultimately be able to hit the highly competitive market.

At the AppliedML Summit on Thursday, Google Cloud announced some new features for Vertex AI. It aims to help our customers get the most out of it, including training reduction servers, tabular workflows, and example-based explanations. Machine learning Create models and reduce reliance on trained professionals.

“Our performance tests show that in 2021, the number of ML predictions generated through Vertex AI and BigQuery has increased 2.5-fold, and the number of active Vertex AI Workbench customers has increased 25-fold in the last 6 months. Okay. Customers have revealed that they are being managed and integrated. The ML platform is essential to accelerate the deployment of ML in production environments, “Google said. Blog post..

At the beginning of 2020, Google entered the low-code / no-code market by acquiring AppSheet, which has a history of eight years at the time of acquisition. Despite the acquisition, Google is not yet considered a serious competitor in the low-code / no-code market. Analysts believe Vertex can give Google another shot by making a dent in the audience for low-code / no-code software development.

“Vertex AI, which uses 80% fewer lines of code requirements compared to other platforms to train models using custom libraries, further enhances Google’s position in low-code / no-code space. “Pareekh Jain, founder of Pareekh Consulting, said. “Google is not yet counted as a major low-code / no-code platform. This will help improve Google’s position.”

According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for enterprise low-code applications, the industry’s leading players include OutSystems, Mendix, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. According to a report published last August, Google didn’t appear in any of the four quadrants.

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