Wider width available with Donner’s new 2200 Series XL Conveyor – Engineering Update

The new 2200XL series conveyors are up to 914mm wide for more robust applications.

Donner is expanding its offering of 2200 series conveyors in a wide version specifically designed for the European market. Donner is an industry leader in the design, application, manufacturing and integration of precision industrial and sanitary conveyor systems.

The new 2200XL series is available in widths up to 914 mm and lengths of 3,500 mm and is designed to carry heavy loads up to 50 kg, depending on the belt speed. Wider conveyors open the Low Profile 2200 XL series to more diverse and heavier applications within industries such as material handling, metalworking, packaging, automated and manual assembly, medical and pharmaceutical.

Belt tracking is an important component of conveyors. That’s why the 2200XL series comes with a V-guide belt for reliable belt tracking. This “V” guide fits into a “V” groove cut into the bed plate of the end roller and conveyor. Therefore, keep the belt in place over the entire length of the conveyor and track it properly. In addition, the conveyor comes with a patented rack and pinion belt tension system for quick and accurate belt maintenance.

The features and performance specifications of the new 2200XL series conveyors are as follows:

• Conveyor width: 660mm and 914mm width

• Conveyor length: 650mm to 3,500mm length

• Belt speed: up to 37 meters / minute

The options and accessories are:

• Fixed and adjustable height and single post support stand

• The height of the upper part of the belt is 310 to 2,250 mm, and it has fixed legs and a caster type stand.

• Low side, aluminum side, adjustable guides, tool-free adjustable guides available

The 2200 XL Series is available with all standard and special belt options from the 2200 Series, as well as standard and heavy gear motor options.

The 2200 XL series is manufactured in Jülich, Germany, for fast and efficient delivery. For more information on the 2200 XL Series Conveyor Platform, please visit: www.dornerconveyors.com..

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