Why you shouldn’t trust Tesla’s latest full self-driving beta update

Elon Musk initially promised to bring back the legendary fully self-driving beta 9. August 2018..And again 2019.. If you’re a Tesla fan, you already know that none of these promises have been fulfilled.

So when Musk swore on Twitter earlier this month that “FSD Beta 9 will be shipping soon,” it was surprising that he actually adhered to his words.

On Saturday, the company released several software updates 2,000 users With that “Early Access Program”.

Musk usually presents updates and new releases in a fairly overconfident way, but this time you’ll notice that his post focuses on potential limitations and oversights.

Interestingly, this is further amplified in the software release notes.

Full Self Drive is an early restricted access beta and should be used with greater caution. In the worst case, it may do the wrong thing, so you always have to grab the steering wheel and pay special attention on the road. Don’t be complacent. When fully autonomous driving is enabled, vehicles change lanes from the freeway, select forks to follow navigation routes, navigate other vehicles and objects, and turn left or right. Use fully autonomous driving in the limited beta only if you always pay attention to the road, especially if you are ready to act immediately in blind spots, intersections, and narrow driving situations.

Well, look at it!Tesla At the end It warns of complacency, acknowledging that the system can fail and “do the wrong thing in the worst case”. As long as it’s a necessary move for a company’s reputation for safety, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

At least since the release of Autopilot in 2015 11 people killed in 9 clashes In the United States, driver assistance systems were used. Also, there were too many Autopilot abuse instances to name.At the same time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now obliged to automakers. Report a self-driving car collision within 24 hours..

Again, this is a necessary move.

What does Beta 9 bring?

According to the release notes above, this update claims to improve FSD visualization and “extend to show additional information around you.”

In addition, the cabin camera above the rear-view mirror “can now determine driver carelessness” with a warning sound that reminds the driver to keep an eye on the road when the autopilot is operating. ..

Yes, all the new beta seems to be about safety improvements, but still Tesla More willing to test customer software updates than competitors …

In any case, here are some videos to see what the upgraded software looks like:

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