Why you need to see the most entertaining fantasy series on Netflix

The standing stone ring sends back World War II nurse Claire Randall back to the 18th century.


Like many, I was originally inherited OutlanderI thought it was a romance series, but it’s not like me.But after I finally built the cave to put pressure on it, it didn’t take long to discover it. Outlander It’s not romance. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t fit well in any genre of boxes.

The show begins shortly after the end of World War II. British Army nurse Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) is on vacation with her husband in the Scottish Highlands, but accidentally returned to 1743 after passing through an ancient stone ring. .. Soon she comes across a band of Scottish soldiers, including the obscene handsome Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan).

Yes, most of the time we look at the story-along with many of the show’s sultry sex scenes-through Claire’s eyes. And yes, Jamie, touted as the “King of Men,” is probably the one who made many women around the world have unrealistic expectations for their husbands and boyfriends.


When it comes to the sultry sex scene, nothing beats the “wedding” episode of Outlander Season 1.


On the other hand, many of the plots are set in 18th century Scotland, so they are rich in corsets and quilts. You get the literal “bodice ripping” known in romance novels and easy access from men wearing quilts.

But I swear it’s not romance.

Outlanders are often pure and fugitive fun.You get time trip, Swordsmanship, well-studied depictions of historical figures and events.What’s more, it’s all so beautifully shot, mostly in Scotland that you’ll want to fly on a plane to hike Munro, or at least wrap it in a plaid and break a bottle of Huan. prize Sassenach whiskey While waiting for the COVID travel ban.

But sometimes it gets very, very dark. Faithful to the books of Diana Gabaldon’s popular series on which the show is based, there is a lot of sexual assault, and the show often escapes the viewer from explicit depictions.

That doesn’t mean that this show sometimes doesn’t go all the way up-although it never reaches the level of technicolor cheapness like the show. Bridgerton NS. However, important plot events stem from ridiculously bad decisions made by the protagonist, and some conversations smirk at inappropriate times.

As a result, the Outlander bullies the brink of Prestige TV, but doesn’t completely cross that line. Its quality stems from its reed’s powerful performance, character depth, attention to historical details, top-notch filmmaking, and the ability to (usually) cut Gabaldon’s fairly long books into the most interesting nuggets.

The essence of Outlander is how they over the years, against the story of two people thrown together by fate and the historical background that began years before the failure of the War of Scottish Independence in 1745. It’s a story of how to survive (most of them spent away). Continues through the American Revolutionary War.


The depiction of Season 3 of the Battle of Culloden is comparable to the depiction of a big-budget movie. And, like in real life, it doesn’t end well for Scottish Jacobites.


And, especially when it comes to costumes and music, there are few time hops back in the 20th century to keep things interesting.

There are five seasons to keep you busy right now. Production on the 6th was delayed thanks to COVID, and fans already wanted to call for a considerable seasonal gap, resulting in a very long “drought lander”. The show’s creators have announced that Season 6 will premiere on Starz on March 6th. Season 7 production is also scheduled to begin next year.

And if you can’t wait to know what’s next, you can always read a book. 9th in the series Having just landed in a bookstore, Gabaldon began working on what she said would be the tenth and final book in the series. A fair warning, the first book is really good, but it’s all over 1,000 pages, and some of the later books tend to drag a bit, especially when the plot shifts to the second character. I have.

Outlander’s first four seasons Netflix.. However, in the latest season, you’ll need to sign up for Starz or buy or rent episodes from another streaming service, such as: Amazon Prime..

Given that subscribing to Starz doesn’t offer a lot of excitement, you may have a lot of questions. Quilted manA fun chat on a Scottish travel show created by Graham McTavish, a fellow actor of Heughan and Outlander.

Nonetheless, wearing four-season plaids as much as possible, striptease with endless layers of clothing, countless wigs of sometimes suspicious quality, the magnificent Battle of Culloden, and heather-covered highs. You can go through endless shots of the land before you have to think about it.

And by that time, you’ll probably be sucked into the Outlander like I am. Why you need to see the most entertaining fantasy series on Netflix

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