Why study computer science at the University of Bath?

According to the Royal Society, the demand for computer specialists such as data scientists and data engineers is More than tripled since 2014.. This is a trend that is expected to continue. With the growth of advanced technologies such as AI, cybersecurity and robotics, the demand for qualified computer scientists is skyrocketing as companies seek competitive advantage.

Almost every industry, from finance to pharmaceuticals, seeks digital expertise and software development. As your business progresses, so does the need for system developers, programmers, IT consultants, and specialists in evolving disciplines such as AI and robotics.

From software engineering and cybersecurity to programming and human-computer interaction, the University of Bath Computer Science Online Master’s Program advances your knowledge in key areas and pursues your interests. Makes it possible.

Acquiring the necessary skills in these disciplines will make them much more attractive to future employers. Similarly, if you’re looking to advance your current role, you’ll have the tools to take you to the next step.

The Institute of Coding (IoC), a partnership between academia and industry working to bridge the digital skills gap, estimates: By 2022, 518,000 highly trained digital specialists will be needed in the UK to support the digital economy. Computer science as a career is so highly regarded that the IoC found that only 13% of graduates were unemployed six months after completing their studies. As a founding member of the IoC, the University of Bath regularly uses these insights, along with industry connections.

The University of Bath’s School of Computer Science is also aware of issues specific to the digital arena. As an industry, we often code without thinking about our audience, or the people who benefit from our system. If we want to value women in the computer systems that power our world, we need more female coders.

There are frequent reports of algorithms that adversely affect people’s lives. According to a 2018 MIT survey, artificial intelligence systems designed to recognize human faces include:Error rate of 0.8% for light-skinned men and 35% for dark-skinned women..

A more diverse software development team is needed to avoid these consequences, improve the quality of the software we build, and make it equally useful to everyone and the community. Most of this work is to get more women to work in the industry.Only now 19% of US software developers are women..In That number in the UK is even lower, only 13 percent..

For this reason, the University of Bath is keen to hire more women for online computer science master’s programs. 100% online courses are taught remotely via a user-friendly digital learning platform. Applicants must have A-level math, but do not require previous coding experience. The Master’s program is looking for applicants who like challenges, are inquisitive, have critical thinking skills, and are interested in computer science.

A master’s degree in computer science from the University of Bath not only gives you the skills to meet today’s demands, but also allows you to apply an ethical framework to all your actions. This prepares for the future of computer science, where ethical issues are becoming central to the digital industry.

By creating new skills, knowledge and practical skills University of Bath Computer Science Online Master’s Degree Unleash a world of opportunities in both your professional career and your personal life. Why study computer science at the University of Bath?

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