Why Experience and Longevity Win-Engineering Updates

For many companies, new product development is an important part of their business strategy, expanding their product range, targeting parts of the market that were previously unattainable, or renewing old or legacy items. There is no doubt that you will replace it with a higher performing variant.

While it is imperative that companies keep their product range technically and commercially competitive, they should not overlook existing product variations that have served their businesses and their customers over the years and drive the latest additions. It is essential to support that. In the range.

In this article, David Proud, general manager of Reich Drive Systems UK, still has many drivetrains, even though the Arcusaflex coupling, which is only part of the comprehensive range, was first introduced about 35 years ago. Explain why it is the mainstay of the application. ..

Of course, there are several reasons why new ones are better, and sometimes better than older generation products. Older product variants may not meet the standards currently required, may no longer be manufactured, or newer versions may be aimed at improving older designs that are known to have performance or reliability issues. .. Besides addressing these issues, it is important to seriously consider why changes are necessary or appropriate.

Old maxim “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” It has withstood the test of time in itself and can undoubtedly result from many different cases in which the design and operating principles of the product have changed little over the years. As long as the product meets or actually exceeds its application and operational requirements, there is no good reason to replace it with a replacement for that purpose.

Reich’s Arcusaflex couplings have a tradition of nearly 35 years and still demand field-proven performance and reliability.

The Arcusaflex series of drive couplings is a good example, David Proud explains: A track record of performance and reliability. The coupling element receives a high torsional load and can correct misalignment. During operation, the coupling has no backlash and the toothed profile design provides a fail-safe mechanism in the event of an overload condition, protecting the drivetrain elements on both sides of the coupling from damage. These important properties and attributes are the same as on the first day the product was first introduced and have withstood the challenges of time very well. “

Another key factor in the success of this coupling design is the choice of various rubber compounds that Reich manufactures in-house. They provide suitable torsional properties for a variety of applications that may be encountered in the field and can be selected to meet expected ambient operating temperatures from -70 ° C to 130 ° C in extreme cases. I will.

Each of the over 1 million on-site couplings is designed using a variety of torsional vibration calculations to ensure that individual customer application standards such as load, frequency, temperature and other environmental considerations are met. Complies with. Arcusaflex couplings have required more than 20 billion hours of execution time in the field so far. This is an important achievement in itself and strengthens the product’s reputation for reliability. Reich’s philosophy of manufacturing both elastomers and machined parts in-house also ensures continuous and rapid availability of spare parts.

David Proud continues. “The range of Arcusaflex couplings also confirms another commonly used estimate. “If it looks right, it’s right” And this definitely applies to this product. The fail-safe toothed profile design is obvious at first glance, and it is clear that large rubber elements can absorb large torsional loads and misalignments without further inspection. In short, it looks just right. “

Reich can naturally be proud of the achievements of this long-standing part of the product range. Some people have tried to duplicate it in some way and failed, but the fact that it is still in great demand today says: itself. Arcusaflex has proven that, in certain cases, established field-proven products are still very good solutions today.

Despite this impressive legacy, the Arcusaflex coupling range is tailored to all Reich products and continuous product development to ensure that they are ahead of changing demand from different industry sectors. Is the target of. This example includes the introduction of a new “Y” elastomer variant to improve product lifecycle in high temperature environments, as well as ATEX approval and certification for use in explosive environments, and specific to the marine and rail sectors. Includes some of the others. All of these enhancements are achieved using the original Arcusaflex coupling design concept. In addition to the comprehensive standard range of Arcusaflex couplings, Reich also offers a D2C – Design to Customer solution.

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