Why Apple Store Black Friday Gift Card Offers Not So Many

The Apple Store will offer gift cards again for certain purchases, but the exact values ​​will vary.


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There is There are lots of discounts on Apple gear this Black friday It’s a weekend, but the Apple Store is probably not the best place to find them. On Wednesday, the company announced a deal for the “Apple Shopping Event,” which will host Black Friday. Cyber ​​monday..As always, the Apple Store doesn’t offer much about discounts on sticker prices iPhone, iPad, Mac and AirPods -But it does offer gift cards.

The exact gift card amount each item will receive will vary, Apple preview site It’s a bit misleading. In contrast to publishing the exact details, Apple has decided to hide those details by grouping certain parts of the product line into categories. For example, if you buy a set of AirPods (2nd or 3rd generation), AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, AirPods can “get an Apple Gift Card for up to $ 75.” The key phrase is “maximum”.

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Put in the fine print, Apple has a handy table It reveals the details of the actual transaction. If you buy a regular 2nd or 3rd generation AirPods, you’ll only get a $ 25 gift card. AirPods Pro earns a $ 50 gift card. Only $ 549 AirPods Max are eligible for a $ 75 gift card.

You need to be more careful with accessories like the AirTags 4 pack. Apple, which typically sells for $ 99, categorizes this product in the “up to $ 50” gift card category. A quick glance at the fine print reveals that you actually get a $ 25 gift card.

This is actually a pretty good deal with 4 packs (not really discounted anywhere else at the time of this writing), but it’s not as good as Apple’s teaser sees.

Want to trade?Finding another place is expensive

Apple rarely offers direct discounts on its products. Instead, if you’re looking to trade Apple products, you’re better off shopping at Amazon, Best Buy, B & H, Walmart, or a myriad of other retailers.

NS Apple Watch SE Get $ 60 Off on Best Buy Apple only offers $ 50 gift cards. AirPods Pro is regularly discounted to $ 159 Last few days at Amazon and Wal-Mart-Apple charges $ 249 and includes only a $ 50 gift card on weekends.

Even if you buy with an Apple Card that gives you an additional 3% on cash back, you may be late depending on the product you buy.

Savings on the Apple Store and other retailers


Gift card offer

Current savings

Apple Store “Penalty”

MacBook Air M1 512GB

$ 100

$ 150

-$ 50

Apple Watch SE

$ 50

$ 60

-$ 10

Beats Studio Buds

$ 25

$ 50

-$ 25

AirPods Pro

$ 50

$ 90

-$ 40

Where Apple’s Gift Card Transactions May Make Money

It’s worth noting that there are potential scenarios that can take full advantage of Apple’s holiday generosity: trade-in. The company doesn’t always have the best trade-in deals, but the process is one of the easiest ways to get old gear and get credit.

If you’re looking for an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac, you can trade in your device to get credit for your purchase and still get a gift card. The latter should be used for future purchases, but it is said that this can quickly save great savings.

Using your company’s education store (especially to help you find official discounts on Macs and iPads) and Apple Cards can save you a lot of money while properly disposing of your old machine. Why Apple Store Black Friday Gift Card Offers Not So Many

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