Who is the woman on death row in Texas? | | Taylor Parker becomes 7th woman on death row in Texas

New Boston, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – Taylor Parker Seventh woman on death row in Texasfollow her Judgment on Wednesday In Bowie County with the fatal murder of Reagan Hancock and the kidnapping of her unborn child, Braxlyn Sage.

The last woman sentenced to death in the state Kimberly Cargill In June 2012, her developmentally disabled babysitter was murdered in Smith County.

None of the women are currently on death row in Texas Scheduled.

according to Texas Department of Criminal JusticeSix women have been executed in Texas since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, more than any other state, according to the Supreme Court. Death Penalty Information Center.

The last woman executed in Texas was Lisa Colemanfor torturing and starving her girlfriend’s nine-year-old son to death on September 17, 2014.

The last woman to be executed in the United States was Lisa Montgomery in January 2021. This was the first execution of a female prisoner carried out by the federal government since 1953, and her case follows. remember coldly Parker’s. She was convicted of using a rope to strangle her pregnant mother and using her kitchen knife to cut the baby girl out of her womb. Montgomery then tried to pass off her baby as her own. The murder took place in Missouri, but he was held in a federal prison in Texas before his execution.

Texas death row inmates are mostly a man’s world. Since early 2010, Texas has executed 129 convicted criminals. Only three of them are women. Only 3.1% of death row inmates in Texas are women.according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Taylor Renee Parker (Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

hoodie is Transferred within hours of sentencing from Wednesday Christina Crane Unit in Gatesville for processing before she moves on to Mountain view unit, which houses all of the state’s female death row inmates.Parker is now on the state’s official list female prisoner Monday, November 14th.

Timothy Fitzpatrick, the TDCJ’s Director of Classification and Records, said at trial that inmates could be placed in the state’s prison system the same day they were sentenced in court, which is a way to avoid a death sentence. testified that it is more common in high-profile cases than in non-received cases. parole case.

Once a defendant is sentenced, the county is responsible for producing a prison packet or “pen packet” that contains the inmate’s behavior history in prison, court sentences, and a police report detailing the incident. . The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office began preparing Parker’s pen packet for expedited transportation to Gatesville before the sentencing. As part of the acceptance process, all inmates undergo drug screening, IQ testing, and complete a “harmful childhood experience” questionnaire. Fitzsimmons says this is all part of making individual plans for how each inmate will be held.

Within 48 hours of arrival, death row inmates Criminal Orientation Handbook And he outlined the rules that govern prison life. They are kept in a restricted area and are not allowed to work. Andrea Lozada, a Senior Warden at Mountain View, testified that prison officials monitor the behavior of new inmates for signs that threaten the safety of not only staff, but other death row inmates.

of Mountain view unit Located in a separate building from the rest of the TDCJ complex prisoners. Female inmates on death row live in 60-square-foot cells. It has a bunk bed, a combination her toilet, a sink and a drinking fountain, a stool with a metal desk, a solid steel door and a window. They are allowed out of their cells to shower and for two hours of recreation each day, as long as they are not working.

All work for female death row inmates is at the discretion of the guards, and the work takes place inside the cell block. Inmates must exhibit very good behavior, follow rules, respect staff, never try to manipulate, and never threaten safety. limited to that. They are constantly monitored and all tools are in stock.

Fitzpatrick said death row is where the TDCJ has the most control over inmates. He said that inmates there do not have the privilege of “walking around.” Their food is brought to the cell. Whenever they leave the area, they are first examined completely naked, restrained by the wrists and ankles, and escorted by two correctional officers. I’m not in Move from “point A” to “point B” without detouring.

Like the advertising segment pods in civilian and bistate prisons, Death Row has a day room between two rows of cells. They have only one TV, he only has one, and they vote on what to watch during the two hours a day when they are allowed out. Inmates can be in the dayroom together if they “can do the job”. If not, they are alone in the room.

Visits are glass and contactless and require approval. Families must demonstrate relationships, and prisons make sure they are not ex-inmates or prison employees. A death row inmate can register up to 10 visitors on a list and can only update that list every six months of her life. A workable inmate is allowed no more than one visit per week by her, and these visits may last up to two hours. Visits with a spiritual advisor or lawyer do not count toward your weekly visit limit.

Inmates on death row can make concession purchases of up to $85 every two weeks, and these purchases are closely monitored. All items purchased from the concession stand must be for the offender’s personal and intended use.

Sick calls are made inside the Death Row building, with nurses and doctors coming to inmates as needed. The only reason they go to the medical wing is if they need an x-ray, and it’s under close surveillance with no other people around. Even the church consists of what Fitzpatrick described as “intracellular research.”

If they must leave prison for any reason, such as going to a hospital in Galveston, Death Row inmates travel alone in a van with at least two guards and a supervisor. They do not travel by bus with other inmates like regular inmates.

A dozen prison guards are hand-picked by guards for placement on death row, taking into consideration their tenure, competence, experience and skills in managing inmates.

Fitzpatrick testified, “There may be other locations throughout the facility that are not at the desired ratio for staffing, but Death Row is not affected.” “Regardless of the staffing shortages we may face at this prison, it will in no way affect the staffing of Death Row.”

“No matter how understaffed I am, in the case of Death Row, I’m sure they’ll have the manpower they need for security,” Lozada confirmed on the stand. and are aware of manipulation.They receive more training to avoid falling victim to any type of inappropriate behavior.”

Six other women housed in the Mountain View Unit have been there for between 10 and 27 years. Their ages range from 49 to 64. At 29, Parker is the youngest.

Erica Yvonne ShepherdA 49-year-old woman was convicted along with co-defendants in the 1993 murder of a 43-year-old woman in her home while robbing her car. She has been on death row for her 27 years, longer than any other woman.

darley lynn luthierThe 52-year-old has been on death row for 25 years after being convicted of stabbing her two young sons, Damon and Devon, in 1996.

Brittany Holberg, 49, is on death row for the murder and robbery of an 80-year-old man in 1996. The victim was stabbed more than 60 times by him, with part of his lamp thrust down his throat. She has been there for 24 years.

Linda Carty, 64, is the only British woman on death row in the United States. She was convicted in 2002 of murdering her 20-year-old neighbor and kidnapping a female infant. Carty denied her involvement. Convicted as accomplices, her three men were sentenced to lengthy prison terms. Carty is dead. She’s been there for 20 years.

Melissa LucioA 54-year-old woman has served 14 years on death row after being convicted of murdering her two-year-old daughter in 2007. her execution was delayed In April, as she continues to fight for her exoneration.

Kimberly Cargillthe 55-year-old was sentenced to death in 2012 for murdering a developmentally disabled babysitter in Smith County.

Texas will execute four in 2022 and will execute one more this year. As of November 11, 2023 already has six executions scheduled for him.

Texas, the second most populous state in the Commonwealth, carried out executions. 577 criminals More than a third of executions since the death penalty was reinstated in 1982 Nationwide total — with the latest Tracy Beatty on November 9th In 2003, he beat and strangled his mother.

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