Which AirPods Should I Buy on Prime Day?

Amazon’s Prime Day has become a shopping event comparable to Black Friday. Prime day sale It spans dozens of categories. It’s also gaining a reputation as a great opportunity to sign up for the very popular Apple AirPods.

With very easy pairing with Apple devices and hands-free access to Siri, AirPods The best true wireless earphones For those who have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

So which Prime Day AirPods Sale You should be careful and what can you expect to pay? This is our recommendation.

Apple AirPods with wireless charging

If you need a set of true wireless earphones for everyday life that you can listen to quickly and easily to listen to music and podcasts on the go, Apple Airpod 2 Ideal. It has a non-canal sealing design that can be used more comfortably for a longer period of time than the type that uses silicone ear tips.

A single charge gives you about 5 hours of playback time, but with a charging case you can extend it to just over 24 hours. Pairing is quick and easy thanks to Apple’s H1 wireless chip. Sign in to iCloud to seamlessly switch between different Apple devices.

Apple’s AirPods with wireless charging options usually cost $ 199, but we’ve also seen them as low as $ 130. In fact, at that price, AirPods with wireless charging are $ 29 cheaper than the version with wired charging, which has a regular price of $ 159.

Wired Apple AirPods

Speaking of wired rechargeable versions, these earphones are also known to offer significant discounts on Amazon. In October 2020, they dropped to $ 99. This is a significant and rare discount for Apple products.

If you can find Apple AirPods at this price on Prime Day, we recommend getting them.

Apple AirPods Pro

Airpod Pro

When Apple announced AirPods Pro In 2019, we were blown away. The company has addressed almost all of our concerns about the original AirPods in one fell swoop: decent sound quality, no active noise canceling (ANC), no wireless charging.

AirPods Pro, which is only $ 50 more expensive than AirPods with wireless charging, is a big step forward. Silicone ear tips that seal the ear canal naturally block out more noise than regular AirPods. This will automatically improve the sound quality, especially for low-end bass.

This design also allows Apple to add an ANC to the AirPods Pro, which works very well. When you listen to them, even when the music isn’t playing, it blocks all kinds of external sounds, giving you an instant cone of silence effect. Equally striking is the opposite transmission mode, which puts the outside world inside.

Amazon has sold the AirPods Pro for just $ 170 in the past, usually at $ 249. It’s doubtful that it will be that cheap on Prime Day, but it’s still likely that you’ll find some very attractive discounts on these earphones.

Are you wondering if your AirPods Pro is worth the extra money? Check out or convenience AirPods Pro vs AirPods Comparison.

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max
Riley Young / Digital Trends

Apple’s extraordinarily expensive wireless headphones are also very good, and you might expect Prime Day to bring something like this: Best noise canceling headphones For a more affordable price. But that’s not likely.

Great sound, comfort, style, ANC, AirPods Max Undoubtedly, it’s the best audio product Apple has ever created.

Apple’s initial inventory sold out quickly and orders were delayed in shipping, but this has now been fixed. Prices are declining as supply increases.

In May, the first AirPods Max price cut was seen, with the Space Gray model at $ 529 and the other four colors at $ 519. At these prices, they’re still more expensive than their Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser competitors, but the discounts are discounts. If you could find AirPods Max cheaper on Prime Day, it would be a new low for Apple’s most expensive cans.

AirPods Deals Today

If you can’t wait until Prime Day, there are some great events AirPods Deals You can shop immediately. Rounded up the best below.

Editor’s recommendations Which AirPods Should I Buy on Prime Day?

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