When can Shang-Chi be streamed on Disney Plus?

Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring The latest Marvel superhero movie to hit the cinema, when will it be available for streaming? Disney plus??

Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring Marvel Studios’ latest film and the first Asian-led film in the franchise. This movie is the character of Marvel Comics, Xiangqi (Kim’s convenienceSimu Liu) is forced to confront his father, the leader of the dangerous organization Tenling.

You can see the trailer below:

The number of Disney movies heading directly to Disney Plus at launch is increasing, Mulan, Cruella When Black widowYou may be surprised to hear that the movie is not yet available on the streaming service.

Read to discover when you can be caught Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring At Disney Plus.

When can Shang-Chi be streamed on Disney Plus?

Xiangqi I arrived at the cinema on September 3rd. That is, you can go to the local theater and see it today. However, it will still take a few weeks for the movie to appear on Disney Plus.

Disney hasn’t announced an official streaming date yet, but CEO Bob Chapek explained a rare release plan at Disney’s third-quarter earnings briefing on August 12.

“I think it’s actually an interesting experiment because there are only 45 days of windows. [before it heads to streaming]”Chapec said (via Collider) About Xiangqi..

If you calculate this right, it means we can expect to catch Xiangqi It will be posted on the TV screen from October 18th. However, this date has not yet been officially confirmed.

The release plan is clearly different from what we saw earlier this summer. Black widowArrived at the cinema and Disney Plus at the same time as the app Premier access feature.

Premier Access is a feature that allows you to stream movies from their release date for a £ 19.99 fee in addition to your standard Disney Plus subscription. Premier Access movies will eventually be available in the Disney Plus library, so you’re basically paying for Early Access instead of going directly to the cinema.

Disney has not released Xiangqi As a premier access movie, you don’t have to pay extra to stream the movie when it hits the platform.

You can head to DisneyPlus Then sign up for an account to catch the movie when it falls. When can Shang-Chi be streamed on Disney Plus?

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