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Towards growth

18 new early-stage tech start-ups join Manchester’s enterprise
CityExchange scale-up support scheme provided with the support of TechNation. They are currently joining the 13 existing members entering the second term of the 6-month program. A third cohort of Exchange startups from the Health Tech, Prop Tech, Ed Tech, FinTech, Agritech and E-Commerce sectors will scale, secure, grow and team in the process of the scheme. I hope to expand. They follow in the footsteps of PixelMax, a 3D virtual workplace business that raised £ 2m during the program and reached a valuation of £ 8m. My first five years were an early education and engineering start-up with a £ 1.4 million investment. Sparkbox, a data analytics and business intelligence startup, has raised £ 1.5 million to support the next phase of growth.


Ticket only

NinjaTicketing, NinjaOne’s IT service desk solution, has officially ended beta and is now generally available to customers who need a flexible and easy-to-use ticketing solution built specifically for IT workflows. Already used by more than 350 customers as its primary ticketing software, Ninja Ticketing has undergone ongoing community-led updates since its debut in September, including enhanced cross-platform integration between ticketing and other NinjaOne solutions. , You can map tickets to users and managed organizations. , Location and device. Other improvements in the latest 5.3.1 platform update include remote tools and one-click repair, automated proactive ticketing, closed-loop ticketing, and end-user self-service.


Helen Curtis, founding director of the same person

Marketing community

Partner Strategy Specialist Cotelli has worked with Huddersfield University to set up a dedicated forum for partners and channel marketers. Funded by a £ 194,000 Knowledge Transfer Partnership Grant from Innovate UK, the Coterie Community will be billed as the first vendor-agnostic community to operate for (and by) its members. Vendors, ISVs, resellers, system integrators, and service provider partner marketers come together to share research, training, tools, and templates, and create a secure and friendly discussion forum. Helen Curtis, founding director of Coterie, said: .. ”


EXPAND 40_lifestyle_

Sound thinking

EPOS is intended to reduce the cognitive overload that can occur when the human brain needs to process the voice of a person who is physically present or who is participating remotely via a speakerphone. Announcing a new designed conference room solution. Efforts to do this suggest EPOS and can make it difficult to stay focused and increase stress levels. Meeting room solutions such as the new EXPAND 40 Series Bluetooth Speakerphone for small and medium-sized meeting rooms incorporate EPOS BrainAdapt technology, which uses proprietary algorithms and acoustics to support the natural sound processing of the brain. Users can adapt to hybrids. Reduces the meeting environment and cognitive load.


RPA Guarantee

Intelligent Automation and RPA provider Laiye eases companies’ concerns about process automation by promising to refund 100% of the license cost if the solution fails to meet the customer’s goals within the agreed time frame. I want Pre-agreed business indicators that form the basis of a money-back guarantee include employee productivity, cost savings, increased revenue, lower error rates, improved customer net promoter score (NPS), or compliance and auditing. Includes improvements. Ronen Lamdan, CEO of Laiye International, said: Laiye initially provides guarantees to customers in the healthcare and e-commerce industries.



Bluetooth cut

Snom is lowering the entry price for its flagship IP phone feature and is launching two variants (D385N and D785N) that are rarely used and have no Bluetooth capabilities.We are also introducing a new entry level model
With a color screen, the D713 can be used in large hotels, hospitals and call centers with hundreds or thousands of workstations. Snom launches Bluetooth-free phones following a survey of Snom partners who said 97% of respondents had never used the Bluetooth capabilities integrated into the D385 and D785 and couldn’t predict their use in the medium term. Did. Florent Aubert, Head of Product Management at Snom, said:
– And at an unmatched price. “

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35 What’s New (2) – Technology Reseller

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