What will the 2025 Apple Vision look like?

From the first second you put on the Apple Vision Pro, Mike Rockwell, vice president of Apple’s engineering and development group, said it’s designed to:special

Most of the lucky few who have spent time using apple vision pro I will admit that I am stunned by what Apple has built. But what about two years from now? “Who is it for?” “Where is the killer app?” may be one of the questions people ask today, but zooming out and zooming in probably makes the answer easier to see.

what’s next? We hear from that guy who seems to have a spooky divination sphere in every Apple boardroom. future roadmap By 2025, lower cost systems and looks like normal sunglasses. The latter probably relies on technology that hasn’t been invented yet, so we’ll focus on headsets.

Apple Silicon is integral to Apple’s Vision vision

apple silicon The true star of the current Cupertino show. This enables companies to: The dream of product design It wasn’t possible before. The company’s silicon development team appears to be churning out new innovations at speeds as fast as M3, R1, or 5G.

Don’t be surprised if Johny Srouji, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Ttchnologies, doesn’t show up at every launch because he has a big impact on the company as a whole. He has a lot going on.

One of the things he and his team are working on is 3 nanometer chip For iPhones, Macs, and everything else.After a series of challenges, TSMC Scheduled to start production Up to 100,000 3nm wafers will be produced by the end of the year, most of which will be the A17 Bionic chips inside the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices. in the meantime, Apple’s M2 Ultra chip teeth Nearly as fast as AMD and Intel’s fastest processorswhich suggests that it won’t be long before Apple leads its competition.

They have power… Cut off the power

With the 3nm architecture on the iPhone, Apple watchers are broadly expecting it to roll out to Macs and iPads built on the same process architecture. The move to 3nm should allow Apple to tell an even bigger story about performance per watt in the machine. Better performance per watt means a more powerful Mac and longer battery life. It also produces smaller batteries, which could enable the company to build smaller, thinner systems.

These processors are also inside Vision Pro. This means that by the time Apple turns on the Vision Pro 2, it will be able to shrink the battery pack and increase the usage time per charge while improving system performance. You can definitely buy spare and larger battery packs for the Vision Pro 1, which ships “early next year.” It’s also true that by 2025, M2 processors should be cheaper to manufacture and recycle.

Lenticular display for people

There is speculation that Apple is planning to: Design your own microLED display It is for use with that device. Since these could be coming to the Apple Watch first, it’s natural to think they could eventually come to Vision devices as well. If so, it seems logical to assume that one of the benefits Apple will get from using its own microLED design is lower production costs.

Given that these displays are so important to v.1 of the product, the cost savings could be reflected in the price of the Apple Vision Pro 2.

This is just one aspect of the technical design that goes into these systems, but there’s no doubt that Apple pays attention to detail to make these systems more accessible to the mass market. Owning proprietary technology gives Apple much more flexibility in pricing.

What is a killer app?

The “killer app” question is interesting. It’s something that could be misguided. Because the Apple Vision Pro’s killer app is the platform itself. It’s a platform that enables the creation of applications and services that never existed before.

The ability to do that is itself a killer app. From a productivity standpoint, interactive environments allow developers to imagine how their research can be visually fleshed out within a spatial experience. As applications designed to take advantage of this infinite canvas, new ways of thinking and linking ideas will emerge. Since when have spatial thinkers used such tools?

Developers are expected to have access to Some form of dev kit to start in Julywhich means that by Apple’s next big event this fall, we should be able to share some ideas of how developers are exploring the possibilities.

(More mundane, but Steve Jobs asked someone on the Apple design team to 3D version of Kriegspiel. )

HoloLens for Apple Enterprise

Enterprise developers are already pondering how to build digital twins in this area – and Apple clearly wants to do so.that’s part of the reason Bought Mira. After all, it makes sense for Apple to offer a HoloLens alternative for enterprises, given that Apple has taken a significant chunk out of the HoloLens market. That’s why the company emphasized the device’s enterprise use at its launch event last week.

Of course, ideas are like confetti. Generating successful ideas requires refinement and dedication. Some of the initial ideas will fail, others will not be realized yet. Yet, a rich collection of applications and experiences unimaginable just two weeks ago will inevitably become available on the App Store. The central argument here is that enabling these possibilities is itself a killer app.

Vision 1

Going back to the present, it seems a little easier to answer some of the questions I just mentioned. Apple doesn’t just improve products that have already been announced before they ship. ”early next year”, but perhaps there is also a development roadmap pointing to a lower-priced model in the future.

By the time 2025 approaches, enough people will have spent enough time working in these environments that the next generation of devices will be the next generation of consumers willing to actively participate in the new tools they are reading. You will be responding to your audience. After all, if the Mac is the bicycle of the mind, the Vision may be the invention of flight.

even before that a bigger idea The technology that will inevitably connect comes into view.

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