What is the difference between a good manager and a bad manager?Bull sitting

You should be constantly betrayed by the people you control. If not, you hired the wrong person or just a bad manager.

The disadvantage of hiring people who are better than you is that they are difficult to manage and discuss. The people you hire are professionals — Not you — So what’s the point of carrying them around if you’re not going to listen? But you still have a role as a manager, and in many cases it’s more than the fact of the case.

So how can you deal with this? Bullshitting.

This sounds terrible … but it was the first step towards developing fairly solid working skills. Let’s set the scene:

There is one team member who may argue a compelling case with a lot of factual information that is quite impossible to argue, while another argues violently against it. Second, I feel that frustration is probably about a completely different topic.

Your responsibility in these cases is not to have more facts, but to see how they are presented and act on them.

I’ve been arguing like this, but without technical expertise, understanding what the underlying message is and developing a solution that looks like you know what it is. I was able to do it. I was speaking.

It’s partly bluffing, partly psychology, a pinch of experience, and some diplomacy — but most about using contextual clues. But the risk is that you start believing in your bullshit and think you’re an expert in something … and unfortunately I think you’re an expert in almost anything.Which am i Absent..

People often shy away from topics because they don’t feel like they are experts or worry about being exposed. In such cases, “bull sitting” can help you take the first step.

Taking the time to think objectively and logically about the subject in my career has given me the confidence to comment on what is “overhead”, believing that there is something wise to contribute.

Recent achievements in using this skill did not over-believe in my bullshit, but not in the conference room. It was when I was doing manicure with my daughter.

Running skills

My daughter is now 19 years old. Before she goes out into the world and forever forgets that I exist, I still cherish whenever I can spend time with her. So if she invites me to tag together to get a manicure, I’m a game.

Anyway, we’re there and her manicurist asks her if her fingernails should be squared or rounded. She looked back and said, “Dad, round claws, or more square?”, So I think she enjoys putting me in place.

Now, despite my huge ego, I’m not an expert in nail design or manicure techniques, but I’ve adjusted myself to think logically and come up with an answer to something-that’s it. Even if it’s my best guess.

I thought about the question for a few seconds, pulled out all the scraps of information and context in my brain, and said: Rounded makes it look longer and has less sharp corners, which makes it less prone to chewing. “

I said it was big enough to impress those who were listening to it, and it worked: both she and my manicurist were surprised to look up from their work and this is good advice I agreed to be.

Again, I was looking for a logical answer to a question I had no knowledge of or experience with, but I can make the best assumptions based on knowing what the people involved really mean. I was able to do it.

Instead of mansplaining manicure and pretending to be a real expert, a thoughtful opinion about what you think over time: what attracts and impresses people, and what attracts and impresses people. Said. And it worked.

So what’s the big lesson? Based on this story, we can draw some conclusions.

  • My hands (and my daughter’s hands) look very good now.
  • Even if you are not an expert, you can participate in discussions logically by thinking logically and empathizing with them.
  • Don’t start believing in your bullshit and think you know better than an expert.

I’m sorry, I have a great pediculist.

Published April 9, 2021 — 14:13 UTC What is the difference between a good manager and a bad manager?Bull sitting

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