What is a MERN stack?Introduction and example

MERN stack Is a collection of technologies that enable faster application development. Used by developers around the world. The main purpose of using the MERN stack is to develop apps using JavaScript that’s all. This is because all four technologies that make up the technology stack are JS-based.So if you know JavaScript (and JSON), Backend, Frontend, Database is easy to work with.

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MERN stack full form

The MERN Stack is a collection of four different technologies that work together to develop dynamic web apps and websites.

This is an abbreviation for four different technologies described below.

Given that you have downloaded and configured all four technologies mentioned above, you need to know how to create a new project folder to start the MREN stack. Next, you need to open the folder in CMD (or terminal) and enter the following command to initialize the package.json file.

npm init


The standard JSON package looks like this:


You can install the module using:

npm install module_name -save

MERN stack component

The MERN stack has four components. Let’s explain each one one by one.

  • The first component is MongoDB, which is NoSQL Database management system.
  • The second MERN stack component is ExpressJS. This is NodeJS’s backend web application framework.
  • The third component is ReactJS, a JavaScript library for developing UIs based on UI components.
  • The last component of the MERN stack is NodeJS. This is the JS runtime environment. That is, you can execute JavaScript code outside your browser.

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Let’s take a closer look at these MERN stack components.

MongoDB is NoSQL DBMS. Here, the data is saved in the form of a document with key / value pairs similar to JSON objects. MongoDB allows users to create databases, schemas, and tables. It provides a Mongo shell that provides a JS interface for deleting, querying, and updating records.

ExpressJS is a NodeJS framework that simplifies writing backend code. You can save the trouble of creating multiple node modules. To keep your code accurate, ExpressJS offers a variety of middleware.

ReactJS is a JS library that allows you to develop mobile apps and SPA user interfaces. You can code JavaScript and develop UI components. The JS library uses a virtual DOM to do everything.

NodeJS is an open source JavaScript runtime environment that allows users to execute code on the server. It comes with a node package manager or npm, and users can choose from a wide range of node modules or packages. Developed with the Chrome JavaScript engine, Node can execute code faster.

Why should I use the MERN stack?

There are many reasons to use the MERN stack. For example, you can use JavaScript and JSON to create a three-tier architecture that includes a front-end, back-end, and database.

MongoDB, the base of the MERN stack, is designed to store JSON data natively. Everything, including the CLI and query language, is built using JSON and JS. The NoSQL database management system works well with NodeJS so that you can manipulate, represent, and store JSON data at all layers of your application.

It is provided in a variant called MongoDB Atlas, which makes database management even easier by providing an auto-scaling MongoDB cluster with any cloud provider with just a few clicks.

Express is a server-side framework that wraps HTTP requests and responses and facilitates the mapping of URLs to server-side functions. It is a perfect complement to the ReactJS framework, which is a front-end JS framework for developing interactive UIs. HTML Communicating with the server.

The two technologies work with JSON, allowing data to flow seamlessly for fast development and easy debugging. To understand the whole system, you need to understand only one language, JavaScript and JSON document structure.

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MERN use case

Like any other popular web stack, you can develop what you need with MERN. Still, it’s ideal for cloud-based projects that require focused JSON and a dynamic web interface. Here are some examples of why MERN is used:

The Calendar or ToDo app is a rudimentary project that teaches you a lot about how the MREN stack works. You can use ReactJS to design the interface for your front end, your calendar or ToDo app. The data that is displayed, stored, accessed, and modified in the To Do app is made possible using MongoDB.

Another good use case for MERN is an interactive forum. This can be a social media platform or a website where users can share and communicate messages. Interactive forum topics may or may not be predefined.

Interactive forums are just one use of the MREN stack for social media. These include ads, posts, mini web apps embedded in social media pages, and more.

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