What is a Business Intelligence Analyst?

Many industries have found that data is a new fuel that can drive the growth of a company. Business intelligence analysts are well equipped to drive the effectiveness of their organizations by searching for insights hidden in these data.

These help companies use the data they collect to increase their efficiency and maximize their profits. BI analysts use data analysis, data visualization, and data modeling techniques and technologies to identify trends that help companies make business decisions to improve processes within their organizations. increase.

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Who are the Business Intelligence Analysts?

Let’s start by defining “Who is a business intelligence analyst?” Business intelligence analysts are people who help organizations use the data they already collect for the efficiency of their company. Business systems analysts are an important part of helping your company with your data.

Business intelligence analysts have skills in both business and information technology areas. They have a firm grasp of each. BIA evaluates your organization’s data along with competitor and industry data to discover different ways to improve your organization’s business position.

It also explores your organization’s systems, procedures, and features to find areas where your company can effectively increase profitability and effectiveness. Business intelligence analysts are also part of the discussion of how companies can develop new policies for data collection and analysis. They are experts in data mining, data analysis, and proposals for organizational growth strategies.

When business intelligence analysts make recommendations about an organization’s technological advances, employees often need to lead seminars to consider these new systems. Now let’s see why we choose business intelligence as our career.

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Now let’s get a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of business intelligence analysts.

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Role of Business Intelligence Analyst

You may be wondering, “What are business intelligence analysts doing?” So, to answer that, let’s look at the job responsibilities of a business intelligence analyst as described below:

  • Business intelligence analysts review and validate the collected customer data and oversee the deployment of the data to the data warehouse.
  • They are involved in the development of policies and procedures for data collection and analysis.
  • They create or discover new data procurement and processing programs.
  • You need to work with your IT department to deploy software and hardware upgrades to take advantage of big data use cases.
  • Business intelligence analysts monitor the results of analytics and metrics and implement new data analytics techniques.
  • Ensure the integrity of data collection and use by reviewing customer files and performing data profiling to understand anomalies.

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Become a Business Intelligence Architect

Skills required to become a business intelligence analyst

There are many skills you need to become a business intelligence analyst

Data analysis expertise

Most of the tasks you perform involve processing the data, so it is important to have a deep knowledge of data analysis. The four key skills are data warehousing, data modeling, data visualization, and data mining.

Technical knowledge

In addition to the above skills, you need the following technical expertise:

  • Excellent skills in technical languages ​​such as Python and C #.
  • In addition, you need to have sound knowledge in
  • It should be mentioned that most business intelligence analyst resumes have a four-year degree in computer science, business administration, or statistics, and employers place little emphasis on long-term degrees. ..

Business intelligence tools

To become a Business Intelligence Analyst, you need the following:

  • Good communication skills as a job require communication with team members, project leaders, organizational managers, and more. You need enough skills to communicate your solution in a simple and effective way.
  • To convey your discovery. You should have experience with various visualization tools such as:
  • One of the most sought after skills at BIA is good critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Business Intelligence Analyst Resume:

Having a good resume is important for any job interview, but you can’t have the same resume for every job. Let’s take a look at what makes a good resume for BI analysts.

Business intelligence analysts’ responsibilities include data analysis and mining, and assessment of past and present trends, so resumes should be based on these skills. A successful resume emphasizes technical skills, analytic thinking, and should also support communication skills.

It is also important to mention past work experience, current roles, projects, and certifications. You can find many sample resumes on the internet, but here are some tips to make your resume look professional and better.

  1. Keep your content simple and short.
  2. Select a professional resume template.
  3. Have a detailed section of your skill set on your resume.
  4. Mention projects, achievements, and certifications, if any.
  5. Work experience and publications.
  6. Check the grammar and spelling.
  7. Please update your resume from time to time.

Business intelligence analyst salary

according to PayScaleThe average wage of BI analysts in India is £ 592,422. However, this salary can be influenced by a variety of factors, including experience, location, and the company you work for. Let’s take a look at these elements one by one.

Experienced Business Intelligence Analyst Salary:

Here is a table showing salary ranges based on your experience,

experience Salary range
Introductory level 388,203 pounds
Early career (1-4 years experience) 544,972 pounds
Mid-career recruitment (5-9 years of experience) £ 824,227
Experienced person (more than 10 years of experience) £ 1,328,895

Business Intelligence Analyst Salaries by Location:

Now let’s look at payment ranges based on location.

Business intelligence (BI) analysts in Chennai earn an average of 18.1% more than the national average. BI analysts have also found higher than average salaries in New Delhi (13.5% more) and Bangalore (6.0% more). The lowest salaries can be found in Mumbai (9.0% less), Pune (1.5% less), and Hyderabad (0.5% less).

Salaries of Business Intelligence Analysts by Company:

As mentioned earlier, BI analysts’ salaries vary from company to company.BI analyst in India

  1. The average wage for Tata Consultancy Services is £ 4,50,000.
  2. Amazon’s average wage is £ 1,300,000.
  3. The average wage for Genpact is £ 4,27,993.
  4. The average wage for EClinical works is £ 4,50,000.

Business intelligence training

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Why should you choose business intelligence as a career?

There are many reasons to justify the decision to choose business intelligence as a career. Below are some of the most important reasons to choose this domain as your carrier.

Business intelligence professionals are needed to make decisions at all levels of the organization. BI experts are experts who identify patterns and identify trends, available opportunities, problems and their solutions. There are also multiple opportunities to work on different projects. Various BI duties include business intelligence analysts, business intelligence developers, BI project managers, and BI engineers.

  • Minimum technical knowledge

The skill sets used for business intelligence are not based on advanced technical knowledge. Skills learned throughout high school and college are appropriate for starting a career in business intelligence. No prior IT knowledge is required. Skills required to start a career in BI include communication skills, analytic thinking, problem solving, and team building skills.

Not many people know that a career in business intelligence is one of the safest. Organizations are becoming more complex as they use data to grow. Business intelligence professionals are needed at all levels and types of organizations around the world. Business intelligence finds relevance in every industry. These factors are driving the growth of this domain as a career and strengthening employment security.

Business intelligence professionals earn an average of $ 70,000 to $ 90,000. With experience, this number will continue to rise. You can also consider multiple carrier options within your domain, as mentioned above. This will also increase the rate of increase in rewards.

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