what if…?Episode 6 Summary: Killmonger Erases Marvel Hero Before His Career Begins

Killmonger interferes with the early moments of the MCU.

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After our trip Reality full of dark zombies Last week, episode 6 Marvel Cinematic Universe Anime series what if…? landing Disney plus Wednesday. In this article, MCU Opener Iron Man, And seemingly altruistic Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan)-A bitter Wakanda exile who decided to take the throne of the country by force-Dive into one of Tony Stark’s formative moments.

Omniscience Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), Observer Many realities of the MultiverseWhat if … Killmonger rescued Tony Stark?

A vibranium spoiler comes in.

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Iron Man was erased

This reality diverges from the mainline MCU early in the first Iron Man after Killmonger reveals Obadia Stan’s plans to assassinate Tony. Tenling terrorist group.. Killmonger, who is still a US Navy seal at this point in the timeline, saves Tony from a Starquin Industry bomb that had a shrapnel embedded near his heart and kills the Tenling villain who would have caught him. increase.

This cut off the path for Tony to become Iron Man, leaving him full jerk (as opposed to slightly less jerk on the main MCU timeline), and he and Killmonger. Start the romance between.

Wakadan’s exile becomes Stark Industry’s new Chief Security Officer (because of Happy Hogan’s regrets), and he quickly kicks Stan out for his role in trying to get rid of Tony and becomes Chief Operating Officer. Won a super fast promotion. Well done, Killmonger.

Project: Liberator

Conveniently, Killmonger created an animated plan for an automated combat drone for his dissertation. He suggested they use vibranium as a power source, and Tony told Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) a weapons merchant (and a professional dirt bag) Ulysses Clau (and a professional dirt bag).Andy serkis).

This makes a great look from Black Panther (The late Chadwick Boseman), The person who takes out the villain of Kraue. But it was all part of Killmonger’s plan. He killed his cousins ​​T’Challa and Rhodey and confronted Stark Industries with Wakanda.

Marvel What If ...?Killmonger and Liberator Drone

Killmonger leads an army of liberator drones attempting to take over Wakanda.

Marvel Studios

Killmonger betrays everyone

Tony understands that Killmonger is responsible for the deaths of Lodi and T’Chara, but his attempt to stop the expulsion of Wakanda with the liberator drone fails and Tony is also killed. This will escalate the conflict with Wakanda, so the US military will take over Star Quindustry and send the liberator’s army to the hermit state of Africa.

Upon arriving there, Killmonger betrayed and killed Klaue and used the body of a weapons merchant to gain the trust of Wakanda. He did the same with Black Panther, but T’Challa lived in that reality and succeeded in fighting his coup coup.

In this universe, T’Chaka is still a king, and there is no doubt that his nephew feels guilty about killing his brother N’Jobu (Killmonger’s dad) in Auckland as a kid. T’Chaka accepts Killmonger without reservation and further pleases himself by blocking the American Liberation Army. Shuri is the only one who has doubts about Killmonger.

Marvel What If If Ramonda Queen ...?

Wakanda Queen Ramonda will take part in the action of this episode.

Marvel Studios

Grab the power of Black Panther

When T’Challa is gone, T’Chaka allows Killmonger to become the new Black Panther. He encounters his cousin on an ancestral plane, and T’Challa warns him that his stolen power will be his downfall.

The hero killed is arguably correct, as Thunderbolt Ross is determined to wipe out Wakanda. Shuri comes to Pepper Potts with evidence that Killmonger killed Tony and T’Challa (poor Lodi is not mentioned), and the pair set out to reveal his actions to the world. ..

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Observations, WTF questions, Easter eggs

  • Kunar, Afghanistan, is located in the northeastern part of the country.
  • This is us In the second case …?cameo From Leslie Bibb as Christine Everhart, the first journalist to appear in Iron Man in 2008.
  • “And bloody Mary. A hangover has begun.” Tony drank quite a lot in this episode, which may have influenced his judgment about Killmonger.
  • When Tony mentions the miniaturization of the arc reactor, he puts his hand in his mind. He uses the Arc Reactor to keep his heart beating on the mainline MCU.
  • This is our The third time I heard the late Chadwick Boseman at the show. He allegedly sounds like T-Challa. once again..
  • Killmonger uses the same sonic taser technology that Stan used with Iron Man when he neutralized Roadie and Chara.
  • Why did the Liberator drone grab Killmonger at Tony’s house and then throw it away? If it had been retained, he would not have been able to destroy it. Discarding their prey is a silly phrase for an unstoppable killer machine.
  • Watchers don’t have much to say in this episode, but it looks pretty disappointing after Killmonger wins.
  • Shri is still a kid at this point in the timeline, as evidenced by her legs hanging while sitting in Tony’s chair. But she’s still smarter than anyone around her.

Join us for more easter eggs and observations Next Wednesday, September 22nd, What If Episode 7 …? It hits Disney Plus. what if…?Episode 6 Summary: Killmonger Erases Marvel Hero Before His Career Begins

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