What Global Websites are Developed with PHP?

PHP provides world-class support for building mobile and web products of different sizes. What unites some of the most promising Fortune 500 tech startups and globally-known giants such as Facebook, Slack, and Etsy? They all use PHP in their end-to-end computing infrastructure and make many people wonder how this programming language can be employed for a project of this size.

PHP tools are mainly open-source, making it one of the most commonly used programming languages, which powers 78,9% of all websites. It has gained popularity among developers due to its easily manageable coding, cost-efficiency, high-quality and fast output, and a wide selection of frameworks. Laravel framework, Phalcon, and Symfony 2, to name a few, significantly contribute to the programming language’s popularity.

The community of PHP developers is thriving, so if you need to hire PHP developers, there won’t be any problems, no matter how complicated your project might be. A vibrant community is one of the primary reasons for PHP’s popularity because its members are always ready to share their knowledge and provide coding guidelines.

Let’s see some examples of the PHP-based web applications that rule the Internet.


The world’s most popular social media was originally developed using PHP. It has more than 2,58 billion active users and therefore deals with colossal traffic volumes. And PHP is the right programming language to use in such cases. Surely, Facebook has adopted some other groundbreaking technologies, including React, Memcached, and GraphQL—you name it, but it’s PHP that lies at its core.

When there was a need to make Facebook’s development and error-fixing processes easier, the company’s developers came up with their own version of PHP—HHVM.


This open-source encyclopedia helps millions of people every day and is perhaps one of the most frequently visited public information websites that run on PHP. Its database backend also includes MySQL/MariaDB. PHP helps the website to store an immense amount of content and quickly operate, providing users with the necessary data.

In 2014, Wikipedia, just like Facebook, switched to HHVM to load page data twice as fast. PHP enables the website with the following features: userspace, visual editor, HTML DocType, and Viewport meta tag.


Being one of the most popular search engines in the world, Yahoo is run by means of PHP. The programming language is combined with many other technologies, such as Apache and JavaScript, to ensure the website’s efficiency. Approximately 700 million people visit Yahoo websites per month. Apart from offering search engine services, Yahoo also has a handful of other options, like Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Answers, and Yahoo Mail.

Having PHP at its core, Yahoo is able to have certain features, including a high-end user interface, sender policy framework, user-friendly email template, and optimum account security.


PHP also powers this top-rated email marketing app. It comes with an array of useful features, including product recommendations, advanced segmentation, comparative data report, campaign sharing via social media, and ready-to-use campaign templates, among others. Also, it can automate the process of sending bulk emails. Thanks to PHP, MailChimp allows for facilitated creation of letters, filling in email addresses, and gathering statistical data.

The company has millions of users around the world and is known for its compatibility with other platforms and devices, as well as for a seamless and enjoyable user experience. As per the company, PHP is the only language it uses for everything when it comes to the production MailChimp application.


One of the most popular go-to corporate communication apps enables a heap of functions, from sharing images and other files to having calls. Slack aims to facilitate collaboration within the companies and help the employees establish trouble-free performance and easy collaboration. PHP is what ensures workflow efficiency and speeds up the web request time while minimizing the program defects.


Considered one of the top ten most commonly used retail PHP websites in the US, Etsy has over 4,3 million active sellers and 81,9 million buyers. And this makes Etsy one of the largest e-commerce websites built on PHP and the most competitive organization in the retail sector that uses the mentioned programming language. It boasts a lot of research and documentation for webpage performance optimizations.


This is one of the most widely-used content management systems that power 39,5% of all websites on the web. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and takes full advantage of the mentioned programming language’s features, including checking options, social sharing features, SEO empowering, theme customization, and others. Apart from the websites, WordPress supports conventional mailing lists, media galleries, online stores, and forums.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, PHP is sought-after among global companies due to its dynamic nature and the ability to maximize long-term ROI. If we look at the trends in PHP development, it’s apparent that organizations are still using it and often blend PHP with other compatible frameworks or programming languages to achieve more significant results.

Despite having many competitors, this programming language is still in demand thanks to the ease of use and the abundance of functionalities it provides.

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